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April 4, 2018

Is Less More for You?

What might entice you into sailing the Star Clipper tall ship fleet or trying another smaller ship such as the Hurtigruten ferry line offering similar charisma? Doing a little less? Packing a little less? Enjoying the people around you a little more? Singles Travel International just headed back to the windward Caribbean in March 2018 on the Royal Clipper and will be heading to Bali, Indonesia on the Star Clipper in July 2018….total opposite sides of the world on a tall sailing ship! We will also be heading north of the Arctic Circle to the fjords of Norway aboard a Hurtigruten ferry ship…a hidden gem bucket list trip.

Are you curious about the charisma of smaller ships? Might you enjoy the intimacy and tranquility of only 200 guests with no casinos or glitz or fancy shows? Like-crew on bowminded adventurers who value personal growth and exploring over luxury will enjoy the multiple off the beaten path ports which are not accessible to larger ships. Camaraderie between guests and crew/officers will let you high five new global friends, delighted that you know everyone’s name.

You will continue to cheer on all guests and crew/officers as they are the main actors on stage for the evenings’ entertainment….models in a fashion show, main acts in a talent show, looting wenches and pirates. Foodies will appreciate the exquisitely plated white linen tablecloth dinners with local cuisine, without the need to dress to impress. Modern or all wood immaculate cabins with plenty of ship areas for just relaxing while viewing breathtaking scenery will provide a relaxed, yet upscale, style. Unique, small group, energetic or cultural activities in each port or on the ship will enhance your bonding with new travel companions.

And when you travel with Singles Travel International, you’re not dining alone or toasting the hoisting of the sails by yourself.

Serene and peaceful….star gazing from a lounge chair on the top deck with sails billowing or maybe even sleeping under your favorite constellation, relaxing in an aft hot tub under the Midnight sun or Northern lights, taking a nap in the widow’s maker bow cargo netting, photographing the Arctic Circle globe while tasting cod liver oil, climbing a mast up to the crow’s nest, waving at sister ships as they pass side-by-side.


Smaller ships and smaller Single Travel International groups focus more on the needs of the few ……and sometimes the need of one or a few outweigh the needs of the many. Come join Singles Travel International on a smaller ship with a smaller group of like minded singles to realize that less may be more for you.

Our 2018 – 2019 Small Ship Sailings

Singles Sailing Adventure Bali/Indonesia – Limited Availability!

Norwegian Fjord Summer Adventure – 2 No Single Supplement Cabins available

Singles Sailing Adventure Caribbean 2019 – Already selling FAST!



Contributed by Georgia ~ STI Concierge

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