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    We are committed to world-class service and support. If you have a question, or need more information, please contact us with your request or requirements.



    A deposit is due at the time of reservation, and final payment due dates are listed in the FAQ section for each trip. If you make a reservation after a final payment due date, full payment will be automatically charged at the time of reservation on our website and penalties listed on the FAQ for that trip will apply.

    Changing lives through traveling the world together is our “why” and we want to make it possible for every member to achieve their personal vacation dream goals. Sometimes, it takes extra care and attention to help you make it a reality.

    Below are payment options to accommodate every need:

    Credit Card:

    We’ve made paying your balance online as easy as 1-2-3! You’ll be able to see your balance directly within your Singles Travel International profile. Under the shopping cart icon, choose “Reservations and Payments” from the drop down to view your dashboard. To see how to use this NEW reservation and payment feature, watch this quick VIDEO. You may also call us at 877-765-6874 ext. 4 and provide us with your preferred payment information.


    Contact our team at and request the Pay-By-Check discount and your final payment balance will be recalculated deducting the Pay-By-Check discount.

    Or, if available, choose the “Pay Balance By Check or Zelle®” option at check out which already reflects the Pay-By-Check discount.

    Then be sure to mail your check with the Pay-By-Check discount balance total to our office so that it arrives by the final payment due date listed in the FAQ section of the trip page in order to secure your reservation and price. Late payments will not be accepted.

    Mail checks payable to:

    Singles Travel International

    7491 N Federal Highway

    Suite C5328

    Boca Raton, FL 33487

    IMPORTANT: If you pay online using your credit card on the Reservations & Payments dashboard, be aware that the discounted rate is no longer valid and that the higher price applies. We will contact you to collect the non-discounted price balance due.


    Contact our team at and request the Zelle® discount and your final payment balance will be recalculated deducting the Zelle® discount.

    Or, if available, choose the “Pay Balance By Check or Zelle®” option at check out which already reflects the Zelle® discount.

    Then be sure to send your payment with the Zelle® discount balance total to so that it arrives by the final payment due date listed in the FAQ section of the trip page in order to secure your reservation and price. Late payments will not be accepted. Should you pay via credit card, the discounted rate is no longer valid, and members will be charged the original non-discounted price.

    IMPORTANTMake sure that you are using the correct email address for Singles Travel International (listed as Tammy Weiler) because once you press “Send”, the payment cannot be canceled. Singles Travel International is not responsible for payments sent to the incorrect Zelle® account.

    Customized Payment Plan:

    Find your dream trip and “Pay Over Time” to make your vacation goal a reality. Contact our Accounting Team at 877-765-6874 ext 4 to set up a customized payment plan designed to meet your individual needs.


    All cancellations must be in writing. For all air-inclusive packages cancelled after airline tickets have been issued, tickets are non-refundable and often times unusable. See the FAQ section for each individual trip to understand the cancellation dates and terms.


    Where do I meet the group?

    As our guests come from all over the globe, with many from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, your vacation begins onboard the cruise ship or at the first hotel. Of course, we are happy to assist with airline reservations and transportation in the city where the cruise/tour begins. Once you arrive at our meeting point Specific parameters are listed on the Itinerary section for each vacation. Detailed instructions about our meeting point for your individual trip will be provided with your “Final Vacation Details & Meetup Information” including transportation and how to meet up with the group, 21 days prior to trip start date.

    How do I get from the airport to the ship/hotel?

    Arrival and departure transfers are not typically included in our vacation package rates, although sometimes they are and we recommend that you verify on the Highlights section of the specific trip.  More details about our complimentary, pre-cruise package and where to meet your Concierge and fellow travelers are listed on the FAQ tab for each vacation. The most detailed instructions for your individual trip will be provided with your Final Vacation Details & Meetup Information document, posted on the “Your Travel Documents” button 21 days prior to departure. In order to accommodate you, Singles Travel International must receive your flight schedule in writing no less than 30 days prior to departure. We regret that we cannot make reminder calls. If we do not receive your flight schedule, you may not receive your transfers. Most trips feature a "Share the Ride" topic on the chat. Post your flight arrival date, time and airline to find other members to "share the ride".

    Will you match me with a roommate?

    Our affordable Premium Memberships allows solo travelers the ability to have Your Own Space™️ for a lot less so that you never have to share. Review the special Premium Member rates on the Book Now page. You may join at the same time that you purchase your vacation or click here to learn more and purchase your membership. Roommate matches are available by request if you already have a traveling companion. Contact us at 877-SOLO-TRIP to speak with one our teammates to make your reservation.

    Do I need a Passport or Visa to travel?

    Travel documents vary by destination and details regarding specific trips may be found on the FAQ tab for each trip. If you do not have a passport or need a new one, contact the State Department Passport Office in your area immediately or visit their website. We recommend that you also make copies of your passport, driver's license, photo identification card and/or birth certificate in case of loss, and carry them with you on your trip separate from your passport.

    Do I need any vaccinations?

    Vaccinations vary by destination. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends updating all routine booster shots for travel almost anywhere. Basically, all guests should have a Tetanus/Diptheria update before traveling. In addition, we suggest that you have a physical check-up before your trip, and discuss the type of trip in which you are participating with your physician. You and your physician will be able to assess much more accurately. Two excellent websites outlining the major precautions are: or call toll-free 24-hours at 1-800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) and, which are the official sites for the centers of disease control prevention and the World health organization respectively.

    What are the customs policies?

    All countries you will visit have laws against the purchase and export of certain items, including antiquities, national cultural property and certain animal products, especially endangered species (ivory, rhino horn, tortoise shell, coral, feathers, etc.). Additionally, the United States has laws prohibiting the import of certain items, which include many of the same things. You face having your purchase confiscated and/or heavy fines for exporting or importing prohibited items. On return to the U.S., your baggage is subject to search by U.S. Customs. Currently, you are permitted to bring back $800 of goods duty free. Persons aged 21 or over may also bring in one liter of liquor and one carton of cigarettes. If you plan to purchase a lot of souvenirs or expensive items, it is important to retain all purchase receipts. However, please note that U.S. Customs may not accept a receipt as true cost if it seems unusually low for the estimated value of the item. You may access the regulations and restrictions governing US Customs on their official website, click here to learn more.

    How do I stay up to date on warnings for my travel destination?

    We recommend that you register with the State Department under their STEP program. The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country. STEP allows you to enter information about your upcoming trip abroad so that the Department of State may better assist you in an emergency. STEP also allows Americans residing abroad to get routine information from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. You may also like to download their app under the same name, "Smart Traveler".

    May I upgrade to Business Class?

    We offer Business Class upgrades on all our programs, subject to availability. If you have chosen to book the promotional, economy/coach class air, and have not requested a Business or First Class upgrade, please be aware that you will be ticketed on a low-fare group ticket, which is non-transferable and non-refundable. Often, travelers request assistance with an upgrade for the return journey home once they arrive at their destination. Although our staff may be able to assist you with this, you will have to pay the full cost of a First or Business Class ticket. If you wish to upgrade at a reasonable cost, you should do this prior to your departure from the U.S. and prior to your flight being ticketed. Please ask your Singles Travel International Reservations Specialist for more information and assistance.

    May I use my frequent flyer miles?

    Please contact your preferred carrier directly to make your reservation. If Singles Travel International issues a promotional economy fare, granting of frequent flyer credit is entirely at the airline's discretion. If the flights are eligible, to ensure you earn frequent flyer credit from the airline, give your frequent flyer account number when you check in for your flights. In addition, save your boarding passes and the passenger receipt from your airline ticket. You may need to submit these to the airline (not to Singles Travel International) to claim any credit allowed.

    What is the baggage allowance?

    There is no baggage limit onboard cruise ships. Both airlines and tour companies have restrictions. Currently, most international airlines will allow you to check one (1) bag, weighing 40-50 pounds. We recommend that you check with your air carrier before departure. Fees apply for excess, overweight and over sized luggage. In addition you may carry-on one bag plus a personal item such as a purse or briefcase. On tour, you are generally limited to one suitcase. Any particular restrictions will be mentioned on the individual trip FAQ tab.

    I've never taken a singles tour or cruise, will I be alone?

    Of course not. You will be pleased to find out that nearly 90% of our members, on any given vacation, sign up and have never met anyone before joining the group. The New Year's Eve cruise is the exception and draws many past travelers. New members are welcome of course! In 19 years, we have perfected the singles vacation experience. It is paramount that our guests meet each other right away and have opportunities to mingle every day. From the moment you board the ship, our Singles Travel International Concierge is waiting to meet you at our Hospitality Desk or Welcome Meeting. Our first evening begins with a private, welcome aboard party followed by daily activities. We dine together each evening in an open seating arrangement so that you have a chance to meet as many people as possible.

    What are the ages of the other guests? What is the ratio of men to women?

    Our “Baby Boomer” vacations cater to singles in their 50s, 60s and 70s but you will often meet singles ranging anywhere from 45-75. We generally have a ratio of 60/40, women to men. As a travel club, matchmaking is not our focus. Ages listed on our page are not restricted. They are simply used as a guideline. We offer an opportunity for single travelers to see the world in the company of other singles and do not guarantee ratios or ages. Take a look at our "Who's Going" feature on every trip page to see who's already signed up. Singles Travel Truth: lots of singles wait until the last minute to commit, so don't walk away if you see just a few when you're ready to go. We know that nobody like to be first on the dance floor, but your reservation might be the one to start the flow! Be courageous and go for it! Start meeting single travelers today at our online community.  Watch our Youtube video to show you how to connect with everyone already booked in a group or find friends from a past trip.

    May I book a vacation on my own and join Singles Travel International activities once I arrive?

    No. We offer so much more than just a cruise or tour! In addition to our Concierge Team who coordinates all of the fun, we have parties, mixers, events, singles only seating at meals, sightseeing trips, dinner reservations, you name it! Our Concierge is at your service, which extends far beyond what you receive when you book a cruise or tour on your own. Finally, we market 360 days a year to get singles together so that your vacation is more enjoyable. Now that's worth the price of admission! Singles Travel International is a vacation event company that plans singles events and markets our events at our expense to create a "singles only" experience. We do not allow guests to join the group unless the reservation has been made by Singles Travel International. Our policy is firm for tours and cruises, as well as pre and post trip hotel stays. Members and friends that "show up" will not be allowed to participate without paying an equivalent fee to the rest of the group that made the reservation with Singles Travel International.

    What's included in your rates?

    Refer to the "Inclusive Features" on the "Highlights" tab for each vacation.

    How do I get the best rates?

    Singles Travel International Premium Membership is your key to saving $1,000s on Your Own Space™!  Click here to learn more. All rates are subject to change until you have made your initial deposit. Singles Travel International does not control pricing of cruise lines and tour operators. Therefore, on occasion, if there is a change in pricing due to supply and demand, Singles Travel International must pass on the new rate. Therefore, we highly recommend that you reserve early to lock in the best rates and space.

    How do I get connected with your community?

    Join our free singles travel community today; click here to Register. Create your free profile and get started! Now that you're a member of the community, follow us and start getting involved from your favorite platform. More places to connect & express yourself… Our News

    What might I expect if I book my cruise directly with the cruise line while onboard another cruise to earn perks?

    We encourage you to earn additional onboard credits and other perks from the cruise line when booking a future cruise.  Be sure to have the cruise line note that the reservation is with Singles Travel International.  When you return, we will add your reservation to our group at our rates to cover costs to provide the Singles Travel International Value to your experience.

    Singles Travel International is a vacation event company that plans singles events and markets our events at our expense to create a “singles only" experience.  The prices that are charged by the cruise company are the rates for their experience when traveling alone. We offer so much more including one-stop travel planning, lower rates for singles to travel in Your Own Space™, the freedom to travel in a safe and fun environment, a community of travel friends and our team is at your service via email, text and phone at your convenience.

    Are there any other expenses which are not included?

    Not all of our vacations include airfare, but our knowledgeable and experienced reservation specialists are waiting to give you the best quote. In addition, you are responsible for beverages (except when included in Singles Travel International events), optional excursions, casino gambling, shopping, spa services, optional meals, alcoholic beverages and gratuities to ship staff, local guides, drivers and the Singles Travel International Concierge (team). Cabin/room incidentals such as laundry, phone calls and internet access are also at an additional cost and all items will appear on your final billing statement at the end of the cruise or stay. See the Highlights Tab for each vacation for specific inclusions by program. Our cruise rates DO include port taxes, fuel surcharges and government fees, which are always subject to change, even after deposit has been made.

    Will everyone be single?

    Our land vacations are exclusively and custom designed, so you may be assured that everyone on our tour is single. On cruise vacations, our group makes up a portion of the overall population and we host exclusive events every day (with only a minimum of 10 members, we send a friendly, professional Concierge). Nobody knows what the dynamics will be on a cruise from week to week, so traveling with a singles club is the best way to go.

    Is airfare included in your vacation price?

    In order to accommodate singles from all over the world, most of our tours and cruises are priced as land/cruise only. Therefore, airfare is additional. Singles Travel International is a licensed ticketing agency and oftentimes has low negotiated and group fares.

    How would my family reach me in an emergency?

    Your “Final Vacation Details & Meetup Information” including transportation and how to meet up with the group will be available on the YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS button on the left navigation bar on the trip site, 21 days prior to trip start date.  The document will include phone contact numbers for the ship or hotels in which you'll be staying. Instructions on international dialing codes will be provided. We suggest you leave a copy of this with your family. They may call Singles Travel International Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern Time, or after hours, call the 24 hour emergency number listed in the Final Vacation Details & Meetup Information document.

    What about Traveler's Insurance?

    Although insurance is optional, Singles Travel International highly recommends Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance to protect your vacation investment. During our 30 years escorting singles vacations, we have experienced a variety of unexpected mishaps with our members. From a simple ear infection to broken limbs, if you are forced to cancel or need emergency assistance in a foreign country, you'll be at ease knowing you are protected. You will be offered the opportunity to purchase insurance immediately following your reservation via links on your screen as well as in your confirmation email. Our reservation specialist will automatically email you a quote within 3 business days after you make a reservation. We are such strong proponents, that travel protection is in your best interest, that we will remind you in every invoice, at final payment time and in your “Final Vacation Details & Meetup Information” available on the left navigation bar on the trip site, 21 days prior to trip start date Call a reservation specialist at any time for a quote or to purchase a policy in person. Read our BLOG: "To Insure or Not to Insure..."

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