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Creating life-changing experiences and unique opportunities to meet the world… together!

We’ve sailed to remote islands on the largest sailboat in the world and sipped fine wine in Napa. We’ve dined like royalty at a private club in Madrid and watched the Grand Prix from Princess Grace’s castle in Monaco. We chartered a new river cruise vessel and meandered through the Mekong Delta. We have seen Moscow at night, Kenya during the annual migration and people-watched on Halloween in Vegas. We danced the night away at music festivals in New Orleans and took cooking lessons in Tuscany. We watched the leaves turn all the way up the east coast after toasting to the single life at the original “Cheers” bar in Boston. We’ve zip-lined over the canopy in the rain forests of Ecuador and Costa Rica and navigated the white water of their rushing rivers. We rode horses at sunset and share a lobster lunch on the beach at a singles only resort in Crete. Sit at home on New Year’s Eve? We don’t think so.

What is on your Bucket List? Tell us and we’ll want to make it happen for you.


Singles Travel International has mastered the art of the single traveler! Solo travelers come together as a group to share the experience and create the memories that bring our singles back for another taste of the world.


Our members never again have to travel as the lonely single in a group of couples. Our average traveler is 48-65 years old, professional and worldly. Leave the groups of 20 and 30-somethings behind and tour in an intimate-sized group with more leisure time.


We strive to save the single traveler from spending extra money on single supplements by matching our clients with a suitable roommate, offering competitive rates and working with unique vendors to ease the single supplement and give our singles more quality vacation experiences.

Singles Travel guarantees a roommate if you pay in full by the final payment date. If we do not find a roommate, the single supplement is on us and the private accommodation is yours.


We offer a variety of group departures to destinations around the globe so solo travelers meet other singles and travel in the safety of a group. Knowledgeable guides who understand the language and local culture stay with you every step of the way. Singles only excursions on cruises are booked through our trustworthy local vendors.


We create experiences with our members 24/7 while on vacation, offering get-togethers, singles only excursions, theme parties, events, and of course, dining together in a group so nobody is alone unless they choose to be. Never underestimate the joy of sharing your first-time experiences with other people.

OUR COMMUNITY IS ONE OF A KIND – Our searchable database of 20.000 singles and growing is waiting for you. Connect and network with new local friends or members from around the world. Find possible travel companions with a few clicks of the mouse.


We offer choices every step of the way: during your reservation, while planning to go and even once you reach your destination.  Our friendly, professional Concierge is on site to make your vacation special and unique.  We understand that each member is an individual and you want your vacation to be as unique as you are.


On larger groups of 20 or more, our friendly and professionally trained Concierge Team is on site to weave our core values into every vacation experience. We value FUN, CARING & LEARNING.



The entire team at STI believes that we…

  • Are the #1 choice for single travelers when looking for a vacation that is FUN, UNIQUE and connects you to others
  • ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER you to realize your full potential to enjoy life and friendships
  • Always looking for ways to make your vacation planning CONVENIENT and EFFICIENT
  • Are HONEST and SINCERE about any issues; communicating OPENLY and QUICKLY to address them
  • Listen PATIENTLY to your concerns and VALIDATE your experience
  • CARE enough to ASK you what it would take to resolve your issue


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