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This year has been a whirlwind. Loren and I would like to thank Singles Travel International from the bottom of our hearts. Without STI, we would not have met, after all, I’m Canadian and he’s from California. We are still traveling (11 countries this year) with more in the future and we’re building a new home in California. Without you, none of this would have happened. I have attached a photo from our latest adventure in Niagara Falls.

Fiji is for Lovers
I have enjoyed the trip very much! First, it’s a unique place and a paradise for people who appreciate nature and is interested in learning, and the trip was very educational.  I also liked that it was very active and included a good amount of physical activity. It seemed to have covered all significant attractions on each island, so the itinerary was well-designed.  The optional excursion to the Bartolomé Island was one of the highlights, so it was a good option/recommendation.
Galapagos Adventure – Yana N.

The most life-changing part was not just the country itself which was unbelievable and beauty, but was our hosts Robert and Sarah. They were phenomenal. Robert was an unbelievable foodie, he is a mix of New Yorker and Ecuadorian and really loves his country and really knows good food and really knows the right places to eat. The group dynamics were unbelievable. The whole trip was really life changing for me, I met great people, I had fantastic experiences, and I saw fantastic beauty. I recommend this trip and probably any Singles Travel International trip to anyone who is single and wants to travel with great educated interesting people all over the world.

Ecuador Adventure – Jay E.

Thank you Tammy and STI – you have twice smoothed the road for me with your extremely professional and helpful problem solving response. “ A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Not only that but…
The British Isles cruise was amazing. STI, you chose well! Fantastic itinerary and ports. I have traveled a lot but all these ports were new to me. Also, what a simpatico bunch of fellow travelers you attracted ! This was my first singles travel experience and now I’m sold on single travel and STI.

British Isles Cruise – Julia S

The Greek Island cruise was a “bucket list” experience.  From the Windmills in Mykonos, to the hillside towns of Santorini, and the amazing Ephesus ruins in Kusadasi, Turkey.  Everyday brought new and exciting sites and sounds.  Sailing on a small ship like the Celestyal Crystal was a treat.  Good service, Fun Toga nights, and an amazing Tour Host…Hats off to June Moore!!   A memorable week of fun and amazing sites!!!   Thanks Singles Travel!

Greek Islands – Tommy T ~ Lincoln, CA

A cruise to Alaska has always been on my top ten list. This August, my trip on the NCL Bliss with so many STI friends was the best possible way to enjoy the scenery and the company.  There were many options to explore Alaska from speed boating through the fjords to whale watching to learning about crabs and then feasting on them with friends. If you are hesitant to take a group trip – don’t be. On NCL cruises, STI offers many options from finding you a good roommate to setting you up in a single-occupancy studio (a great choice!).  Sharing meals with new friends is a lot of fun and getting to know them one-on-one is a great way to make new lifelong friends and travel companions.

Carolyn F. – Fort Lauderdale

Alaska in a Studio Cabin

Only passing thru life once, we might as well start enjoying what the world has to offer.  I worked hard my whole life and now I am looking forward to making new friends and traveling.  I traveled with STI to Boston for a weekend to check it out and had a great time. I just booked 2 more weekends and their Ireland trip next year!  I got a new passport and this will be my first international trip.  Who knows, maybe I’ll walk the same hill as John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara did in the movie Quiet Man.

Tommy P. ~ Oceanside, New York

Time to enjoy life!

I had an amazing experience on the Alaska trip. There was so much to see and do, and not enough time, so I’m planning a return trip already. I have been a client of STI for a few years and have always appreciated their enthusiasm and professionalism.Vicki, our Concierge, was awesome and was always available to us when needed, and it was a pleasure to travel with her-she’s always smiling and friendly. Thanks Vicki and Staff!

Karen P. ~ Lutz, Florida

Alaska was AMAZING!

Last summer I went to Crete on a last minute trip which was only possible with your assistance and encouragement. It was one of the best vacations I have ever had. I met such awesome people on that trip. Last weekend with some planning, some of U.S. ladies who met at The Mistral got together in NYC. Four of us met because of Singles Travel International. Attached is a photo of the four of us having brunch at Tavern On The Green in beautiful Central Park. So the take away for me is I need more STI trips!

Margie K. ~ Newburgh, NY

Crete is the best vacation EVER!

I had more fun than I could imagine on the Windward island clipper ship cruise and can’t wait to run into everyone again sometime in the not-so-distant future on another STI trip. I loved it so much I’m already booked for next year!

Lisa M. ~ Highland Beach, FL

Coming back next year!

My experience on my first trip with Singles Travel International was amazingly outstanding. We were coddled! To say that on a ship with 4000 travelers, that is pretty special. All arrangements were taken care of for us. Tables reserved for us in the dining rooms. Seats reserved for us at the shows. Tours arranged. Wonderful to feel we were part of a warm, friendly group. Our Concierge Team was truly available for us. For those of us that are single, there is no other way to cruise, except Singles Travel International. I enjoyed being taken care of. We never had to stand in line. That is how organized they are. I’m critical. I had not one thing that was not beyond “par”. I’m so pleased that I chose Singles Travel International, when comparing on line. Bon Voyage!

Edie C ~ Foster City, California

We were coddled!

“If you’re ever considering a trip of a lifetime, the African Safari trip should be at the top of your list. Whether it is a bucket list or just an adventure to see beautiful creatures in their own environment, you should go. The local guide for Singles Travel International, will do everything in his power to showcase his country and all it has to offer. The wines and food are extraordinary and rival most any region in the world. I could ramble for hours, but definitely a must see!”



Gary R.- Cary, NC

Words cannot describe the beauty and excitement of Antarctica. A trip of a lifetime and should be on the top of your bucket list. I have been to 67 countries and all seven continents and this is the first trip I am repeating a destination. The wildlife is amazing! From the first day to the last day you will always remember this trip.

Carol N., – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I just came back from a fantastic Mediterranean vacation aboard the Norwegian Epic. STI was fantastic from the office staff to our cruise hostesses June and Georgia. I look forward to traveling with STI again in the future!

Jay S, Milford, NH

What a FABULOUS bunch of people. Sometimes we meet up with friends we’ve made during our previous travels which makes it even more special and always making new friends! There are always exciting excursions and fun things planned for the group and a great Concierge Team! Ever so grateful I found STI.

Linda D, Wallingford, CT

Just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful cruise last week. You and
your entire staff were all terrific. And the weather was absolutely

Vicky W., Speedway, IN

Thank you for a wonderful, enjoyable, NON-STOP-FUN trip on the Queen Mary 2!  You aim to please and showed it with your warm hospitality, smiles, and so many choices for activities. Thank you again for a memorable experience.

Larry L., Atlanta, GA

I had the best time last week…thanks to your staff, great ship, and good
people. I’m sure I’ll book something soon again. I’m now convinced it’s the
only way for me to travel as a single woman.

Mira L., New York

My cruise in Alaska was more than I ever expected. I loved the camaraderie at meal time and Michael kept us dancing til 2 a.m. every night. I look forward to traveling with STI again soon.

Isabella O, Brooklyn, NY

Just wanted to let you know that love is still in the air. Richard and I are still seeing each other since we met on the QM2 last summer. We celebrated our first anniversary in England at his home. I’ve been there three times since we met and he’s come over here five times and is coming again in two weeks. We still haven’t resolved the problem of “the pond” but we are happy to have found each other. Thanks!

Lizabeth A, Greenville, NC

Hi friends. I was thinking of you all this week and the fun we were having together one year ago! I just really wanted to reconnect, say hello, and just admit that I wish I was sitting on the water with a big glass of ouzo right now. Crete was one of the best vacations I’ve been on, and it was during such a critical point of change for me personally that it has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. I thank you all for being part of that experience. I will remember it always. I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to have an opportunity to see you all again in the future.

Angela P, Denver, CO

Thanks so much for SOOOOOOOOO much fun! I haven’t laughed so much in at least one hundred years. It was great meeting you and everyone.

Diane S, Southwick, MA

Show up with your passport and luggage and with expertise and professionalism, STI guarantees the trip of a lifetime. Every detail in planning is taken care of for me. All I have to do is show up and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

I met STI in January and struck up some incredible relationships that motivated me to take 5 trips this year and I have 7 lined up for next year! This sure beats going alone and I no longer have to do any of the work.

Terry T, Modesto, CA

This was going to be my “test run” to determine if it would work for me for future travel – it took me all of two hours and 45 minutes after I got to Boston to come to a conclusion… The first half hour was spent sitting outside of the airport waiting for the shuttle bus – wondering if I’d made the right decision and would have a good time. Then, I had the two hour bus ride to Hyannis to REALLY think about it – and wondering just what the heck I’d gotten myself into now. Then 15 minutes after I got to the hotel I had my answer – this is DEFINITELY the group I want to travel with!!! The first group of women I ran into told me to drop my bags in my room and we were heading out to lunch! See, I usually have these bright ideas that I can put myself in a group and make friends easily – then, I find out (once again) that I’m a bit too shy and end up sitting by myself.

But it didn’t stop there – everyone I met was very friendly and interested in learning more about me and sharing their experiences with me. By the next day I had a whole crew of new friends! And by Sunday, I was hating to leave them. So…. I got home and booked my next trip with STI to Crete in May ’10! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Your service during the long weekend made this all come together. Yes, we couldn’t get to Martha’s Vineyard because of the weather but you seamlessly made the changes and I didn’t hear one complaint on the change in plans. Sure, it would’ve been different if we’d made it to Martha’s Vineyard but better – I just don’t know… A true sign of a travel professional, in my opinion.

I’m telling everyone I know about this great way for singles to travel (and I’ve had a couple of married friends already looking a bit jealous!).

Thanks again for a great vacation, Tammy! You’ll definitely be seeing more of me in the future!

Kathleen K, Kernersville, NC

I will have to admit that initially I had some trepidations as to what to expect. But all that dissolved and melted away ( or should I say blown away!).
Thank you so much for all the little extra “hoop-la” about Danielle’s birthday—it made it very “special” for her. I am already checking out your new list of trips—- most of all saving my $$$$ so that I can do this again & again. Once again, thank you for such a wonderful and fun trip !

Jeroline C, University Park, IL

I went on another cruise with a local singles group that didn’t have nearly as many activities as you offered. It made such a difference!

Alice M, Waltham, MA

STI helped me see, feel, and taste Crete in an inspiring way I could never have done on my own or on a group tour that wasn’t for singles. My fellow travelers were both fun and friendly. The hotel, the excursions, and the family-style meals were all experiences I would have missed if I had done my usual “solo” trip. It was wonderful not to worry about details. Everything was seamless but flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs. As I expected, I made memories I will treasure forever … and unexpectedly, I met some new friends who fall into that category too!

Karen L, Tampa, FL

When I walked in the door after having been in Crete and Santorini for 10 days, I had the urge to dump all of my ‘self-help’ and ‘finding your life’s purpose books’ out and fill my shelves with travel books, and books on how to live off the land, books on growing a garden, making olive oil and raising honeybees…Mediterranean cookbooks. My trip to Greece with STI taught me many lessons: (more…)

Else R. – Boca Raton, FL

There were some friggin happy people on that cruise. We have to get together on another one soon!!!! The diving was surprisingly good.

Rickey B, Ingleside, TX

As an experienced cruiser, my expectation was fair. It turned out to be a whole lot more.  On the cruise our group coordinators made it so easy for the singles group to relax, mingle, interact and simply have fun. Our group consisted of many high-caliber working professionals who knew how to have fun. It was so easy to eat, drink, dance, laugh, and play with them. In the end, I came out with so many new friends and wonderful memories that will last a life-time. I highly recommend doing a Singles Cruise with the STI Team.

Matthew C, Columbus, GA

Still coming down from a great weekend cruise in the Bahamas..met several nice people of all ages.  I would recommend partying with STI for anyone who is single, and who wants to experience travel with other singles and just have FUN …..

Gene S, Coconut Creek, FL

WOW!! Where do I start? I would have to say this is the best vacation I have ever had!! I don’t think I ever laughed, ate, drank, and danced so much. I am so glad to have found this site and met so many wonderful people and made great memories that will last forever. I would recommend using STI for a singles cruise or any trip. Thank you and everyone from the trip!

Eric W, Hamilton, NJ

It was amazing! I had a little of everything one could ever want on my first vacation ever! The greatest people were in our group, and the Avalon Night in Miami before meeting on the cruise really helped to make everyone comfortable with each other; as if we’ve known each other for a long time. What I felt made STI stand out from the rest is that it’s about people – not about getting mates, but developing friendships, memories and real foundations, nothing superficial. AWWW GREAT!!! I will be going again with you all – Hugs, and again, thank you so much for all you did to get us together and made it a blast to remember.

Elizabeth D. – Boca Raton, FL

I really enjoyed the Jazz Festival and Wine Tasking cruise on board the Avalon Scenery in July. It was my first trip with Singles Travel International and it was a fun filled trip. Singles Travel International matched me with a room mate which, admittedly could have been troublesome; however, my roomie was wonderful.. The river boat is small when compared to ocean cruise ships and this allows you to get to know your travel companions. We went toured museums, cathedrals, and enjoyed great food, both onboard and while ashore. We had fantastic jazz entertainers in the lounge every night plus attended a jazz festival in Vienne, France, and the Moulin Rouge show in Paris. Quite a fun trip.

Pamela L. – Oxnard, CA

I was apprehensive about going on vacation with people I didn’t know, but by the middle of the first day I no longer felt I was on vacation with people I didn’t know!

I can’t wait to go on another trip with STI again. I would do a commercial for you free! It was a great experience…

Marchel B. – Citrus Heights, CA

Tuscany…. fabulous scenery, food, architecture and friends. The trip exceeded all my expectations!

Tracy S. – Calgary, Alberta (CA)

Returned from my SECOND trip to the Galapagos Islands with STI at the end of November 2010 and can’t wait to do it all again some day! The organization of the whole trip is excellent. Celebrity Cruise Lines and STI together are a great combination! The Celebrity ship – the Xpedition – is lovely, and with a maximum of 90 passengers, the atmosphere on board is very friendly and casual, but always SO professional. After a couple of days in Quito (plus one at the end), you spend one week on board ship, visiting several of the Galapagos Islands, and being closer to the wildlife than you can imagine possible. The food on board ship is very good and MUCH too plentiful!

Having free drinks of ALL types available all the time is amazing! Even the bottles of water are free! It’s great to come back from an excursion and be greeted by the bar staff with some exotic concoction!!

With all types of the drinks, the excursions AND the gratuities included in the price, you can get off the ship with no bill, unless you buy something in the small shop or use Internet time! It makes the trip a real bargain – and absolutely the experience of a lifetime (or maybe twice…..or three times…!).

P.S. I took this photo myself!

Diane G. – Gabriola, British Columbia (CA)

WOW –Thank you! Thank you! (I can not say this enough)
What an awesome adventure and experience – One that I will remember for the years to come (even when the old timers starts creeping in).

This trip was all and a lot more than I could/would have ever expected – not only to spend thanksgiving in an exotic location – Spain & Morocco, but to be given the opportunity to meet so many awesome/professional people who enjoy travelling and life –and better still a few new lifetime friends.

I would have not hesitate to book another trip with either STI or STC or recommending these organizations to anyone that I meet.

Aussie Deb

Debra C. – Napa, CA

My first vacation with STI was the 2011 Valentines Cruise – it was the best “adult” vacation I’ve ever had! I had just gotten a divorce and needed to de-stress and have fun. I went on the internet and researched several singles travel companies and STI was the best – not just by the recommendations I read by the members but also the Better Business Bureau rated them as an “A” company.

So I took the chance and booked the vacation – that was the best decision ever! I met really great people and had a blast with them! We keep in touch via Email and Facebook and we even got together for another cruise on the 4th of July. In every cruise I make new acquaintances and lasting friendships. I plan to keep traveling with STI as long as I’m single, as a matter of fact I have already booked the New Year’s Eve cruise this year and will be rooming with Sarah one of my cruise buddies. Next year Epic Med Cruise!

If you’re looking to meet great people and have an unforgettable time, I highly recommend you book a trip with STI

Rosa M. – Miami, FL

The trip was a lot of fun. Chicago is very big and interesting. The highlight of the trip had to be our STI Concierge, Mary Delia. She is amazing as a travel guide and should have her own travel TV show. She entertained us and kept us on track for the entire weekend. Everything was outstanding and everyone seemed content.

George A, Newport News, VA

The freemont street experience AWESOME AWESOME!

Maggie M. – West Islip, NY

I went on the 2011 Halloween Hangover in Vegas as my first tour with STI and will never regret it. The women and men I met were just what I was looking for, going out, having fun and being with people I can get to know. Looking forward to my next trip with the group!

Carol W. – Westerville. OH

Mary and Matt were fantastic Tour Directors! Not only was Mary excellent at organizing everyone, listing to complaints (always with a happy smile), and moving everyone along, she was a joy to travel with, in fact, I can’t wait to share a room with her for the New Year’s Cruise. Mary not only made sure everyone was included, she made sure that everyone was happy.

I have traveled around the world on escorted tours and have never felt as welcomed. I really don’t know how she did it all, considering she probably slept perhaps 4 hours a night and always on call. Touché Mary!

Matt was a blast! As a new Tour Director he brought energy to the group (which some of the older people needed), and didn’t have any problems joining in on the fun. I spent the last day with Doug, Shelley, and Matt sitting by the pool, waiting for our late flights, talking about the fun we had (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), and planning our next trip together.

Amy B. – Sunnyvale, CA

This trip was the most interesting I have done. It was wonderful to see the animals engaging in their lives without caring about us walking amongst them. It almost seemed as if they were ‘posing’ for photos. The highlight for me was snorkeling with a playful young sea lion, while I was also watching a green sea turtle and tropical fish below. Although a long way to travel from Australia, it was well worth it. Not only were the animals amazing, but everything about the ship life was very good, especially the professionalism, service and attentiveness of the staff, both onboard and during land excursions. You didn’t have to be extremely fit to take advantage of all the land excursions, as there were always two options – one for the less fit and those who wanted more exercise. I highly recommend this trip for anyone interested in the natural world and who wants to be well looked after.

Toni F. – Narrabeen, Australia

Hi Tammy,

New Years Eve Cruise….wow, what a great time. It was my 3rd STI trip and I just want to thank you, Mary and Michael for making it a memorable five nights. Meeting up with friends I met in Chicago Labor Day weekend and Vegas weekend was wonderful, meeting new friends this time around made my time with everyone more enjoyable. So many laughs, good food especially, Portofino (thank you LOIS), Pirate Night, White Night and above all, New Years Eve countdown on Deck 11 in the middle of the sea, under the stars, doesn’t get any better than that.

Counting the days for Hawaii, Aloha Baby.

Kathy M. – Brick, NJ

I wanted to thank you a million times for the time of my life on this cruise! I am so happy i made a lot of new friends (and one very special one). Hopefully we all keep in touch, but i know everyone gets wrapped up in their own life and that doesn’t always happen, but i at least have the greatest memories!

Jill G. – Margate, FL

I was over it at work, way beyond a year since my last vacation when I spontaneously googled “Adult Singles Travel”… Up popped STI, with a vacation cruise to the Bahamas after July 4th. Best part was, I didn’t have to plan a thing, and as it turned out, didn’t have to worry about a thing. You know the saying, “Leave the driving to us”? In this case, I put my vacation plans into Tammy and her staff’s very capable hands, and let go. I had the time of my life. I made great friends, got the RnR that I needed and frankly experienced a vacation that I never could have put together myself. If you’re teetering on the cusp of a vacation decision, just do it already. Book your plans with STI… you will be very glad you did.

Lisa P. – Memphis, TN

I guess you already know that I had an awesome time! The one thing I want to really stress is that you gals really had a knack for making me feels as if I were a part of something, something really special. I feel like a whole new world has been opened up for me.

Dubi D. – Savannah, GA

This was my 2nd STI vacation and I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!!! Sooooo much fun! Michael is fantastic! And the group – seemed like EVERYONE got along with everyone! Here’s a pic of the sunset from my balcony.

I’ll be saving up for another cruise for next year! 🙂


Linda D. – Wallingford, CT

I just came back from my very first trip with STI. We went to Alaska and had a blast! Being single and traveling alone I was at first apprehensive about meeting up with a group of strangers. Well after meeting the first group that arrived and our director, Michael my nervousness disappeared. After a few days we had the ships crew and other guests wondering if we were a very large family traveling together because everyone was laughing and getting along so well. I felt very welcomed by both Michael and my fellow travelers. And of course Alaska was beautiful. I have just unpacked my bags and wondering where can I go next! I would highly recommend STI and to anyone who is apprehensive at first, like I was, I would just say go for it – you will not regret it.

Judith S. – Boynton Beach, FL

I had the most amazing time in Ecuador! I feel like you usually get either nature and adventure Or city and culture on a trip, but this one had it all. And Jorge and Robert were amazing guides. After getting there I felt silly worrying about the safety or anything like that, just had an awesome time. I absolutely had the best time and look forward to future trips.

Sarah G. – Livonia, MI


Brooke S. – Oklahoma City

I chose Crete because it sounded like the perfect combination of relaxation at the beach and sightseeing. And, I’d always wanted to go to Greece. I loved the hotel in Crete! The atmosphere there amongst the guests and the hotel staff are great. The staff really take care of you! The hotel is very comfortable and the food is good. In Crete, you can do as much or as little as you like. I just wished I’d had a longer visit there to spend more time relaxing at the hotel. We had a great group from STI! We all got along so well and had a great time together. We’ve been in touch since the trip and exchanged pictures. I’m glad I took the extension trip to Santorini too. Santorini is absolutely gorgegous!! There were 3 of us on that part of the trip and we hired a private driver who took us all over the island. It was a great trip, we saw so much in such a short time and were able to get away from the touristy areas. Overall, a great trip! I would recommend it!

Kim B. – Dunwoody, GA

The trip was perfectly planned plus our tour hosts Michael & June were outstanding. It was my first journey with STI and the team lived up to your reputation.

I also made some terrific new friends and look forward to sharing another trip/adventure/cruising with them
as well as meeting other new friends. It was nothing other then perfect thank you Robin and the STI team!

Lucy L. – Florida

Singles Travel International (STI) – what a FABULOUS bunch of people, and different people every time I travel. Sometimes we meet up with friends we’ve made during our previous travels which makes it even more special. And always making new friends! Some of them we never lose touch with. There are always exciting excursions and fun things planned for the members to do while not out on excursions and a great Concierge Team! Ever so greatful and happy I found STI.

Linda D. – Wallingford, CT

The Rockin Rhine River Cruise was one of the best vacations I have ever had. Our group kept things lively and there was always someone that was around to do things like shopping or tours….or just to sit around in a Biergarten and relax with a glass of local wine or beer.

Robin A. – Lakeland, FL

Just returned home after a WONDERFUL Rockin’, Romantic Rhine Cruise with STI. It was a very different experience from a large cruise ship, as it had about 140 passengers. I got to meet many people from STI and others from outside the group. Terrific experience! Each day, we had excursions, included in the tour. We really got to see the cities where we stopped. The local color was amazing. It was quite an experience to see castles, windows, Gutenberg Bibles up close and personal. Plenty of time to shop or just walk around.  (more…)

Daria W. – West Islip, NY

Alaska was an absolutely unforgettable experience. I met so many great people and made life long friends. The cruise was more than pleasant and Alaska itself was gorgeous. The Concierge Team was so awesome. Very cool and friendly always partying and socializing with everyone, great at making sure everyone had a seat when we went to local bars or restaurants.


Male – SHORT – Alaska

I grew up in South Africa so when I saw you were doing a trip there this year – naturally, I was the first one to sign up! Keep in mind I had not been back to the land of my childhood in 30 years! Wow, Wow and more Wow’s! First of all – STI did an amazing job with the itinerary! Within 10 days, I had 6 mini vacations, and got to see 6 mini eco environments! The Safari in Madikwe was absolutely amazing! The game rangers were beyond knowledgeable, the staff was amazing, food beyond excellent and my accommodations – were beyond 5 star! (more…)

Amanda S. – Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much for your follow up, and thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to have one of the best trips I have experienced – ever. Ecuador – the land, the people and the culture is amazing, and Singles Travel International placed me right smack in the middle of this land of enchantment. Our daily adventures are exactly what I was seeking, and the guides / translators were amazing. I look forward to my next adventure with STI.


Randy P. – Richmond, VA

I felt truly ‘away’ from the everyday world and transported to a special place. The captain, crew and island residents were all good natured and made their work look effortless while making our stay blissful.
How often do you see bright orange starfish the size of a frisbee while wading the shore line? One of many marvels the islands have to offer because they have a commitment to preserve their sanctuary. If you cherish nature, along with the sun and sand, come swim with turtles and discover a great vacation!

Lyn C. – Woodstock, GA

After many years without Windjammer, I did the first ALL SINGLES cruise last July with STI. What an idyllic slice of the world. People are so friendly, including the crew and with the intimate ship all to ourselves, it felt like a private yacht! It was so amazing that I am going again in February and for 2 weeks in November!!! Just can’t get enough.

Kathy D. – Tampa, FL

The Singles Sailing Adventure to Grenada was nothing short of a fairy tale vacation. This was my first singles trip of any kind and when I booked it I was nervous and excited. I flew from Denver to Miami and met some other people taking the trip there. after just talking to them for a few minutes I was more relaxed. After getting on board and meeting everyone i was completely comfortable. The Capitan, crew and all of the passengers were awesome. One of the best trips I have ever take and will take another one soon.

Jim L. – Thornton, CO

I had a wonderful time sailing on the recent Singles Sailing Adventure! It was awesome to hear Amazing Grace played every day when the sails were hoisted as we set sail for another port destination. The food was excellent. There was plenty of opportunity for scuba, snorkel, or just touring the islands. Thank you so much for the great adventure.

Carl A. – Cambridge, NY

After checking out the Singles Travel International website for more than two years, I decided to take the risk and sign up for my dream vacation…New Zealand/Australia. It was the best move I’ve made in retirement..and by far the best trip I’ve ever taken! Everything was perfect….not one glitch. The trip was very organized and well planned. The concierges Else and Heidi handled all details and questions promptly and efficiently with pleasant attitudes,. They made sure everyone was included in all activities that interested them and gave wonderful suggestions and advice when needed. (more…)

Barbara J. – Savage, MN

I truly have never felt so comfortable dealing with such lovely people as the team at STI. You are the best. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Count on me as a regular. I’m already looking at the list for my next trip. I hate to wait though until 2015. I’ll find one.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet such lovely people.


Linda F. – Lake Worth, FL

Fantastico Cuba Trip! Just returned from one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited with STI. Everything was so well organized and our group of 22 experienced true Cuban culture. The food was fantastic from the pork, beef (even filet mignon), red snapper, pasta and gigantic lobster. I can’t say enough about the accommodations, particularly in Cienfuegos with a terrace just steps away from my room with a spectacular view of the Caribbean.  (more…)

Jeanne L. – Seminole, FL

After retiring 2 years ago, I found myself with a need to travel. I liked the idea of cruising, but did not like the idea of doing it alone. I did a web search for single travel and found STI. With trepidation and apprehension I booked my first trip. I went on the  50+ cruise in February, 2014. I had such a good time, I came home and booked the Epic Med Cruise. (more…)

Lynn B. – Charleston, SC

The Chicago Trip was the best. We were busy with fun stuff to do every moment. The highlight for most of us was the Architectural Boat Tour. It was a fascinating journey along the Chicago River viewing the myriad of skyscrapers and learning from the docent about the different architectural styles and the history of the buildings and the communities we were passing by.  (more…)

Steve D. – Laguna Woods, CA

Although I always dreamed of visiting South America, I cannot say I had given Ecuador much thought. What an oversight; what a delightful surprise!

When I saw this trip on Singles Travel International, the adventurous itinerary called my name. I expected it to be good, but Robert Bucheli and all the wonderful staff at Mountain Views Inn make this vacation great. This is the best possible balance between active learning, and being pampered and spoiled Weather is picture perfect here, near the capital of Ecuador.

We rose early each morning to the most wonderful breakfasts with coffee, yogurt, fruit and cereals, eggs, toast or rolls of many delightful forms, and bacon. Then all aboard our class-a tour bus for a central adventure – equator, whitewater rafting, zip lining, and the mountain tops above Quito. Each of these central adventures is surrounded by non-stop discoveries on the way there and back again. Lunch is always on the road, including empanadas, sandwiches, tamales, chochos, tostadas with snacks, fruit and exotic teas.

On the shorter days, when the destination is closer, gourmet dinner is at the gracious Inn. We got to discover awesome local restaurants for dinner on the longer trips, such as Mindo. Each night, when they poured our tired bodies into our cozy beds, sleep came easy!

Stephanie S. – Cincinnati, OH

Dear Tammy,

What a great trip. Thanks to You and STI, Georgia and June…..AND even more so…… the awesome group of singles, I got my SPIRIT back on the Celebrity Silhouette New Years’ dance floor!

Dancing for the first time in five years, SMILING EAR TO EAR with old and new friends, I could feel my spirit return and come alive. It continued the whole week and continues today with a new zest for life.

There is NOTHING like traveling……unconditional regard and friendship with the STI group that is so different from family at home.

After my divorce, I traveled regularly with STI for five years, restoring my happiness and having FUN.

Now, after a difficult five years, I am back, and once again feel like my old happy self. I have two more trips to look forward to, and more friends with whom to share experiences.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


Deb L. – Canandaigua NY

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for your follow-up on a recent excursion that I took on my Exotic Epic cruise. I did receive the credit from Sam at Shore Trips and I wanted to share my response. Truly, all other tours with them on this trip were excellent…I booked them all!

On this same vacation I did participate in other tours arranged by STI/Shore Trips and they were all outstanding. Specifically, I will call out the Apr-8 tour of Montserrat which was fantastic! Our guide Richard was awesome and made this day a highlight of the trip.

I will not hesitate to book with Shore Trips when the next opportunity arises! Thank you!

Brenda Short
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Brenda S. – Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Just returned from Alaska with STI…it is a must trip and worked out well in all respects. STI was very organized and represented by June our concierge who was outstanding. We had great weather the whole trip and Celebrity Cruises was first class in every respect. I definitely recommend the shore trips such as the glacier, whale watching, etc. Going with a group like this makes it more enjoyable as you always have people to hang with so you are never alone unless you choose to be. I will definitely be looking at future trips.

Don K. – Georgetown, TX

The Epic Med cruise was fantastic. It was my first trip to Europe and was a nice taste of Spain, Italy and France. The day I saw there was a cruise without a single supplement was when I signed up. Nice group and made lots of new friends. Thanks STI!

Sharon H. – North Tonawanda, NY

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