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Surprise Perks & Upgrades

Every once in a while, a vendor will offer us a limited number of free perks and upgrades on a trip. Who will get them? We’ll rotate through our Premium Members to award these, according to seniority.

Flash Sales

Vendors sometimes offer surprise, limited time discounts on trips we’ve already launched. Premium Members will be the ONLY members to learn about these sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Premium Membership is for members who want to save $1,000’s and get the best perks by getting first access to new trips, no solo supplement cabins & last minute deals.

As of August 2020, Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to Live & Interactive virtual tours around the world, plus privileges as part of our massively growing singles community. 

All events are easy to access on our Singles Travel International website.  Just click on EVENTS at the top of the page and sign up for reminders so that you never miss one. 

Start connecting today with singles over 50 just like you.

Premium Lifetime  Memberships will be good for a lifetime!

Premium Annual Memberships purchased will be billed annually at the current prices.

Yes, at $397 for an Annual Membership or $697 for  Lifetime Premium Membership, you’ll get your money’s worth many times over.

Take our popular Singles Sailing Adventure trips for example.

These trips often have 4-10 cabins with no or extremely reduced solo supplement.

That means, while the shared cabins might be $3,000 and the solo cabins $4,500, we’ll have 4-10 highly coveted no solo supplement cabins priced around $3,000 for whomever gets them first.

If you get one of these cabins when you otherwise would have missed out due to so much competition, you’ll have just saved $1,500!

And that’s only one trip. If you’re booking 2,3,4 or more trips, you can see how the travel savings can rack up above $5,000-10,000 in just your first year as a Premium Member!

In order for you to earn our deep travel discounts immediately, you’ll have to make the commitment up front with either Annual or Lifetime membership. 

We don’t have a trial, but we do guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to save far more than the cost of the Premium Membership during your first year as a Premium Member (probably on your first booking)!

We’re offering Lifetime Premier Memberships for just $697 through 2022, rates may increase in 2023.

Only Premium Annual Memberships may purchased after that will be billed annually at $397/year.

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Pay Once and Benefit for LIFE! Lifetime Membership is $97 Less than 2 Years of Annual Membership

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