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November 2, 2016

Lynn B. – Charleston, SC

After retiring 2 years ago, I found myself with a need to travel. I liked the idea of cruising, but did not like the idea of doing it alone. I did a web search for single travel and found STI. With trepidation and apprehension I booked my first trip. I went on the  50+ cruise in February, 2014. I had such a good time, I came home and booked the Epic Med Cruise. I followed that up with Alaska, Hawaii, and 2 more Caribbean cruises. With each trip, I realized more and more that the trips were great, but the best part were the people I met. I just returned from the Norway/Iceland cruise with time spent London. My favorite always seem to be the last trip. I have booked New Zealand/Australia in November and Epic Exotic Island cruise in March,2016.

Without, STI, I might be sitting at home wanting to travel, but never doing it. If you want to travel, you don’t have to be alone.

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