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February 19, 2024

Singles have FUN on Breakaway!

What is Fun?

Fun – noun

Amusement or specifically playful often boisterous action or speech or in mood for finding or making amusement.

Funny – adj

To each their own?


We sometimes worry about “having fun”.

Just do it.

There is no rule against it.  Have you ever seen a sign outside a park that says:


NO Smoking   NO Camping    NO Dogs   NO Fun


Honestly, a park with no dogs or fun would be boring.  Right?


Singles Travel International Winter BREAKAWAY Cruise had FUN!

Starting in New Orleans, just prior to Mardi Gras, was an adventure to begin with.  Great food and connections.

The NCL BREAKAWAY is amazing!  There were many different places to dine and some Singles Travel International members dined in some special places such as Le Bistro – a French restaurant with its own sidewalk café located in the heart of the ship.  The show, “Burn the Floor,” was an amazing performance that left guests with their jaws on the floor.  And we could always find a few of our Members in the Bliss Lounge after dinner where they danced their cruise calories away until the early morning hours!

On a special day at sea, Singles Travel International Members were found at the waterslides…


Another day at sea brought everyone together to have fun at Slotsapalooza!  Everyone pooled $5 into one slot machine, then everyone had a chance to play the machine five times.  After everyone had a turn, all the winnings were divided up… we had a lot of fun winning 24¢!

The NCL BREAKAWAY has a special bar on board called the Skyy Vodka Ice Bar.  Dressed in a shiny, thermal poncho and sandals, Members were able to use their unlimited drink package in a bar surrounded by ice!

Nightly Happy Hours were the best and always a chance to connect with everyone.  The majority of our group had cabins in the Singles Studios and we were fortunate to have many of our Happy Hours in the Singles Studios Lounge …it was like our own private lounge!  Joseph, our bartender, loved Singles Travel International and would make sure every glass was full.

Dining together was always friendly and entertaining.  Disco Night was groooovy and there were some “hungry hippies”!

Weather allowed us to stop at three ports along the Gulf of Mexico.  Before we sailed away from New Orleans, USA, everyone had the opportunity to have a beignet from Café du Monde – a real New Orleans treat!!!

After two days at sea, our ship docked in Roatan, Honduras.  Many of the Members had fun snorkeling in the waters or going on shore excursions into the countryside.

Next was Harvest Caye, Belize.  This special port had a lovely beach for guests to bury their toes in the sand and a place to have fun with some of the native animals!

Singles Travel International Members were treated to a wonderful Signature Experience at Playa Mia in Cozumel, Mexico.  We had fun playing in the water and enjoying an all you can eat buffet!


It was a great Winter BREAKWAY!

Just get out there and the FUN will surround you.

Until we meet again,

Linda, Sheryl, & Cory



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