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March 6, 2018

Kissing the No Solo Supplement Goodbye

It must have been our opening line…

“There are 2 things that we do really well at Singles Travel International; we bring you into a community of singles in your age group who love to travel and we are excellent at saving our solo travelers big money by negotiating no single supplement offers.”

We watched their eyes open wide and a smile spread across their faces as they processed the idea of being able to travel in a room/cabin of their own without paying double. The next sentence that spilled from their mouths was almost always the same. “Do you mean I can have my own room for half the price I usually pay?” Our answer was simple. “YES!”  and BOOM, Our first booth at the New York Times Travel Show became an overnight success. We spoke to hundreds of singles who loved to travel but were paying double for their vacations because they were traveling solo, with couples and honeymooners… and they were not enjoying it. We were giving single travelers a gift.

We knew we were onto something when we turned our energy to negotiating special offers for singles, but what we didn’t know was so many singles out there didn’t know we existed. After all, Singles Travel International has been in business for more than 23 years.

Wikipedia defines a single supplement this way, “Cruise lines and tour companies quote package-deal and accommodation prices in terms of dollars per person when the customer travels in a group of two, that is, “twin share” or “double.” The single supplement is a premium surcharge applied to a traveler who travels alone but will use a room that caters for two. The single supplement is a premium charged to solo travelers when they take a room alone. The amount involved ranges from 10 to 100 percent of the standard accommodation or “double” the rate.”

The Dream Envisioned

A single woman with a love for travel and a dream started it all. Tammy Weiler, President of Fun & Adventure for Singles Travel International tells it this way.

“My “why” for starting Singles Travel International was to serve singles who were afraid to travel alone and soon I understood that there was an even more compelling problem to solve; the single supplement.  No matter where I appeared, radio, TV, on tour with singles, the prevailing complaint that I heard was “Why do I have to pay more as a single traveler?” For several years I tried to explain it to our travelers and then one day I said, “this is crazy, they don’t understand it so why fight it?  I am going to campaign on behalf of our travelers so that we get a better deal for single travelers.”

We had always offered a complimentary roommate matching program and about 30% of our members still chose to pay more.  But in today’s environment, and especially in our baby boomer market, our members are done with sharing.  They want their own space and we are committed to getting better deals for them to travel and enjoy their room or cabin for less.  So, after 23 years of serving single travelers, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and today, we boast no single supplement on 50% of our tours and cruises.  We’ve only just begun and as the leader of Singles Travel International, my mission is to leave no stone unturned in finding the best prices for our single travelers.”

You are able to count on Singles Travel to find and negotiate the BEST rates for your vacation. The other companies out there just aren’t going the extra mile to reduce or eliminate the solo supplement. What does this mean for you? We believe it means you will be able to travel TWICE AS MUCH when you save on your vacations without paying a single supplement. Be sure to check out our trip departures before you book with another agency. We are here to fight for your rights as a solo traveler. You’re not alone anymore.

*The best way to locate our trips that have no single supplement is to do a search on our site under “Trip Activities.” Go to ALL TRIPS, then search the drop down for NO Single Supplement under “Trip Activities” and hit the big gold box “FIND TRIPS.”  Or just give us a call at 877-SOLO-TRIP and we will help find the best fit for you. We also offer FREE roommate matching if you want to save even more and share with a new friend.


Submitted by Robin Zell ~ Director of Marketing for Singles Travel International

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Christopher w.
1 year ago

Sounds like half the price for twice the fun

Tammy W.
1 year ago
Reply to  33029

It sure is! We can’t wait to meet you.

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