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July 6, 2017

When Food Fuels the Vacation

Singles Travel International provides unique opportunities to try new cuisine and explore the culture and tradition of each destination we offer. If you consider yourself a “Foodie,” here are a few flavorful destinations on the 2017 calendar to expand your culinary life as well as create delicious memories to last a lifetime.

South Africa: Where the View is part of the Culinary Experience…
Traditionally, dignitaries, Heads of State, Senators, movie stars and more travel to Africa to go on safari, so every lodge is prepared with the top chefs and menus to please the most discriminating palates. Whether it be a member of Singles Travel International to Queen Elizabeth, this meat lover’s paradise is ready to WOW your taste buds. Our South African Safari, Wine Country & Cape Town tour is a small group, luxury experience that caters to our most discerning travelers. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

Franschhoek is a revered culinary capital in South Africa, and Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa’s Le Verger, The Orchard Restaurant, is a fine example of the culinary excellence that can be expected from top-class restaurants in Franschhoek. Unparalleled views of some of the most breath-taking vistas in Franschhoek; mountains, streams, vineyards and orchards enfold the restaurant, and its conservatory-styled design allows diners to be immersed in the distinctive atmosphere of the Cape winelands.

And then we move on to Cape Town… the view from the Commodore Hotel

commodore view 2


Cuba: When the Company is part of the Palate
Imagine dining in the home of a Cuban family. Wikipedia defines Paladar (plural: paladares) as a term that in Spanish translates literally to “Palatal” and used with that meaning in the Spanish speaking world, however in Cuba is used exclusively to refer to restaurants run by self-employers. Mostly family-run businesses, paladares are fundamentally directed to serve as a counterpart to state-run restaurants for tourists seeking a more vivid interaction with Cuban reality, and looking for homemade Cuban food. Our paladar experience is complete with a rum tasting and a cigar on our Curious About Cuba NYE Cruise.

cuban buffet

Boston: Where Brunch in China Town is top of the list
Dim Sum is the Chinese answer to brunch. Complete with tea. (Or is brunch the answer to Dim Sum?) The China Pearl boasts an incredible variety of dim sum, such as the har gow (shrimp dumplings) and cheung fun (rolled rice noodles). It also offers a tasty pineapple bun, which is sweetened bread with a killer custard. Make this epic Foodie experience part of your Cheers to Boston Weekend.


Hawaii: The Luau is Marinated in Tradition… and Flavor!
Everyone knows that a luàu is a big feast, but actually the word luàu is a misnomer. The word luàu refers to the leaf of the taro plant served at a luàu. The correct word is päìna, which means a gathering of people for the purpose of dining in a celebratory way– in other words-a party! (and our singles are always ready for a party!)
The modern Maui luau began its formation in 1819 by King Kamehameha II. Before this famous feast, women and men did not share their meals together. Social and religious taboos had forbid this along with certain items to be eaten by women or men not of royalty. At this feast, King Kamehameha II symbolically banished these ancient customs by eating with women and his common subjects. The name “Luau” came from the most popular dish at these feasts. Chicken and young tender leaves of taro were baked with coconut milk, which is still enjoyed today.

Hours of preparation go into the ceremony, the décor and the preparation of this feast. Bring your appetite and be ready for a feast like no other. Enjoy traditional luau foods such as lomilomi salmon, chicken long rice, kalua pork and all the poi you can eat. Also be prepared to immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture and move your hips to the mesmerizing music of the Hula as their traditions come to life. Our Hawaiian Paradise Cruise is a favorite among our singles. Unpack once and enjoy four diverse Hawaiian Islands in seven nights.



Is your mouth watering now?

For 2018 look forward to cooking classes in Bali, Salmon Fish Bake in Alaska, Exotic Moroccan spices, Vietnamese delicacies and more with Singles Travel International. For more information on any of our departures, call us at 877-SOLO-TRIP.

Submitted by Robin Zell

Director of Marketing for Singles Travel International

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Loretta T.
6 years ago

Join us in Cuba, February 2018


If you have any more questions, call me at 877-SOLO-TRIP (765-6874) x 703.


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