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January 9, 2018

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

As we stare at the Calendar for 2018 and think to ourselves, “How is it 2018??” we hit the ground running with resolutions, promises of a better life and planning to make it all happen. Some of us are staring at single digit temperatures and imagining warm sunny destinations and outdoor fun. Either way, ESCAPE is the theme. We want to escape the pitfalls of 2017 or escape the frozen air and windshield scrapers that surround us… Or BOTH! At Singles Travel International, we are on the path to scheduling our 2019 trips and beyond. Try planning that far ahead!

Did you know most of our singles book their vacations 9- 12 months in advance? With just about 140 days until Summer is here with warmer temps, here are some great Summer options to choose from with great offers right now. Whether you seek the warm Mediterranean sun, or chilled, majestic views, our cruises have it all. (And new single friends to enjoy it all with.) 

Plan on a great time in the Western Med with our Epic Med Cruise*. The perfect start for singles new to Europe and singles travel. Seven nights, three countries and good walking shoes will have you well on your way to one amazing Summer Vacation. Be sure to add our Barcelona package to get the most of Spain and to meet your new single friends early. Warning! This trip leads to a love of Europe and even longer Bucket List.

If your mittens are just too adorable and you want to take them on vacation, we’ve got you covered. With two Alaska departures this Summer in June or August*  you can trade Summer heat for the Midnight Sun. June includes a cruise tour, which many of our singles have been requesting to make their Alaska vacation complete.

The British Isles Cruise has a unique twist or two. Join us early for Beer & Chocolates in Brussels with tours and a scenic train ride from Brussels to Amsterdam where we board the ship.

Expeditions are HOT for 2018! Here are two more places to chill and drink in the scenery.

  1. Antarctica – all the wonders of the 7th Continent will not disappoint! We don’t know how much longer there will be opportunities to go to Antarctica. It’s a crystal gem for sure that needs to be at the top of your Bucket List.
  2. Norwegian Fjords* (Voted most scenic cruise view!) With cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains, and clear, deep waters, the Norwegian fjords are a world of their own.

Your 2018 clock is ticking! It’s time to book your 2018 singles vacation. Grab your fingerless gloves and dial us up (877-SOLO-TRIP) or use your mouse to navigate to and click BOOK NOW.

Request those days off and start looking forward to amazing things for 2018 and beyond. Prices are at their best in January and space is available, so you have the options you want for cabin location, no singles supplement and excursions to make your singles vacation truly your own.

*NO Singles Supplement

Contributed by Robin Zell, Director of Marketing for Singles Travel International

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