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February 25, 2011

When Is Too Much Fun Not So Fun???

It seems to be in my nature as a single gal who loves to travel, to have a huge desire to create or experience a new fun adventure for or with people.
However, I am starting to believe that it’s possible to create too much fun and to realize the impact of this is having on my life. In the past six weeks, I have experienced the following:

1) Celebrated my 49th birthday in Islamorada, Sunrise/Sunset Tour style,
2) Completed two business trips,
3) Met my brother and sister-in-law in Key West,
4) Performed the wedding ceremony of my best friend, on a yacht!
5) Entertained, in some fashion, 21 friends and family that have blown through Florida. Apparently February is a good time to escape from the Midwest, I remember those days!

This may be more than the normal person encounters in six months, but I’m not complaining. I love and care for these people and I’m blessed to have them in my life. I just think I have hit my physical, mental and emotional capacity to have any more fun! All the time I am feeling this, I still really have travel envy because I didn’t go on the singles Valentine’s Day cruise!!!
Each of the experiences mentioned above had its own purpose and meaning:

• The birthday trip was making a dream come true,
• One of the business trips included spending time with a friend I had met just three weeks before,
• Time with family can be a blessing and a curse,
• I can’t even describe how it felt to bless the marriage of my best friend,
• The friends from the Midwest are a part of my history, but when I’m with them it feels like we were together just yesterday! I wouldn’t miss a chance to spend time with them.

One of the best experiences was the one I am least familiar with and probably the most fearful of . A very dear young man, like a son to me, and his beautiful family which includes a 2 year old and a 3 month old, spent five nights with me. Having young children around is such an awe inspiring experience. I have so much respect for how much time and energy it takes and what a selfish life I seem to have lived without having this type of responsibility. Watching a 2 year old run free on the beach, encouraging me to “run Cindy run” will forever be in my memories!

So innocent, so simple, so fresh. It’s made me reflect about how complicated my life can be and what I may need to do to remove the chaos and constant stimulation. Being quiet and being still seem foreign but necessary.

Maybe there is a shift coming in my life. It probably won’t be drastic because that sense of adventure, which includes single or group travel, gives me so much energy and happiness. It may be time to think about whether every adventure that presents itself is worth the investment and how full my fun meter is before I just jump in and go!!

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