About Galapagos Islands & Epic Ecuador

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Fulfill your Travel Bucket List dreams this year! Be awed by exotic and unique scenery, have the rare opportunity to experience wildlife up close, and relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. See all the Galapagos has to offer, with ease, safety and fun in the hands of STI’s expert, local guide.

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Few people are fortunate enough to see the unique and distinctive wildlife of the Galapagos other than seeing them on the Discovery Channel. Travel with other equally as curious and adventurous singles on our journey of a lifetime!

The Galapagos Islands lie 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, consists of 6 main islands, 12 smaller islands and over 40 islets. During our visit to the Galapagos, you will quickly understand why Spanish pirates named the islands “The Enchanted Islands”.

This carefully planned journey will take us to the best destinations in the Galapagos Islands, San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz and Bartolome. We’ll see wildlife closer than we ever thought possible! Sea lions, giant tortoises, pelicans, iguanas, and more interact with visitors daily. The endemic fauna and volcanic island rock formations provide so many incredible landscapes that we’ll have a hard time putting our cameras down. In addition, this trip will feature a special tour of Quito and the Ecuador mainland.

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Inclusive Features of our Up Close and Personal, Land Tour of the Galapagos:

  • 9 Nights Accommodations at Mountain Views Inn, Hotel Fiesta or similar
  • 20 Meals: Breakfast and Lunch Daily (18)
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinners at Mountain Views Inn, with Beer & Wine (2)
  • Roundtrip Flights between Quito and Galapagos Islands
  • All Excursions, Tours, Airport Transfers, and Transportation
  • Full Service, Bilingual Tour Guide, with time available for personal exploration
  • All Gratuities to Hotel Staff and Guides are INCLUDED! ($250 Value)
  • Full tour of Quito, the most Beautiful City in South America with Highlights including Independence Plaza, La Mariscal Artisan Market and Intiñan Interactive Solar Museum
  • All Top-Ranked Activities and Attractions of the Galapagos Islands (Top 11 of 15 on Trip Advisor): Tortuga Bay Beach, Snorkeling at Kicker Rock, Giant Tortoise Reservations, and the Charles Darwin Research Station with Snorkeling Gear provided
  • More Time in the Galapagos with Incredible Interactions with Wildlife: Walking among Iguanas, Sea Lions & Giant Tortoises or Snorkeling with Sea Turtles, Manta Rays & Penguins
  • All Ecuadorian Taxes and Service Fees (22%)

NOT Included:

  • Galapagos Island Entrance Fee ($100) and Visitor Card ($20)
  • Scuba Diving with Wet Suit, Gear Rental and Certified guide may be arranged at Kicker Rock and Santa Cruz instead of Yacht Tour for an additional $225 per day. Scuba diving will be arranged at the time of request, pending availability.
  • 7 Dinners, Alcoholic Beverages, and Personal Snacks
  • Additional Hotel options including but not limited to Phone Calls, Internet, or Massage Services
  • Any personal changes to the planned itinerary
  • Additional Night Stays and Excursions at Mountain Views Inn may be added before or after the tour. Each additional night is $150 per person and includes Meals, Taxes, Tips and Service fees. Excursion packages available starting at $100.


Day 1: Arrive in Quito, Airport Pickup, Orientation and Welcome Dinner at Mountain Views Inn

Day 2: Quito City Tour, La Mariscal Artisan Market & Intiñan Interactive Solar Museum

Day 3: Departure to San Cristóbal, Visit the Interpretation Center, Hike to Tijeretas Point, and Loberia Sea Lion Viewing at Playa Mann

Day 4: Tour Cristóbal Highlands, El Junco Volcanic Crater Walk and Enjoy Puerto Chino Beach

Day 5: Boat Tour and Snorkeling at Kicker Rock

Day 6: Boat Taxi to Santa Cruz, Walk through El Chato Tortoise Reserve and the Lava Tunnels of the Santa Cruz Highlands

Day 7: Yacht Tour to Bartolomé Island, Lava Field Hike, Penguin Viewing & Snorkeling

Day 8: Walk, swim & snorkel at Las Grietas and Tortuga Bay Beach

Day 9: Return to Quito, Farewell Dinner at Mountain Views Inn

Day 10: Departure

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily. STI members will be responsible for their own dinner on 7 nights in the Galapagos.

  • Each morning there will be an American style breakfast provided.
  • Moderate lunches and snacks will be provided throughout the tour including local treats such as Empanadas, freshly prepared Fish or Chicken with Rice & Vegetables, or traditional favorites like Pizza and Sandwiches.
  • Each night there will be a Restaurant selected and recommended for the group based on menu options and reputation or reviews of quality. Dinner prices in the Galapagos range from $10-$25. Beer prices start at $3, and Wine or Cocktail prices start at $6. Guests will also have the flexibility to explore other locations at their discretion to suit their personal tastes or budget.

Meals may fluctuate according to the itinerary and seasonal availability. Your host will plan for Vegan or any other dietary restrictions or requirements if notified 2 weeks prior to arrival. Please email info@EcuadorMVI.com with any allergy or dietary needs.

Day 1 – Thursday (November 10)

Arrive in Quito, Airport Pickup, Welcome Dinner

Upon arrival in Quito you will have transportation ready to take you to your hotel. Meet others as they arrive and settle in by relaxing for the afternoon exploring the walking trails, outdoor pool and hot tub. In the evening, join your hosts in the on-site restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner and ask any questions you may have about the trip.

Day 2 – Friday (November 11)

Quito City Tour, La Mariscal Artisan Market & Intiñan Interactive Solar Museum

See the city that has been declared by many to be the most beautiful in South America. This city was the first declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. With its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and gilt decorated churches, there is much to see. Take some time exploring Ecuadorian culture and shopping in La Mariscal Artisan Market. Then travel to the always fun, interactive Equatorial Intiñan Solar Museum located at 0 degrees latitude. Learn of the indigenous culture and understand the effects of the natural gravitational forces while standing on the Equator!

Day 3 – Saturday (November 12)

Departure to San Cristóbal, Visit the Interpretation Center, Hike to Tijeretas Point, and Loberia Sea Lion Viewing at Playa Mann

Travel from mainland Ecuador to San Cristóbal Island. After registering in the national park and checking in at the hotel, kick off Galapagos tours with a visit to the Interpretation Center. The museum holds a brief history on the Galapagos Islands, then opens to a unique dry forest filled with cacti, finches, and little lava lizards. Hike the volcanic rock trail to Tijeretas Point and Darwin Bay. You will be treated to your first sweeping views of the Galapagos and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Bay, with Tijeretas and Blue Footed Boobies flying by. This is a great area to snorkel, see exotic fish and swim with sea lions in a turquoise pool set inside a stunning Volcanic Rock shoreline.

Afterward it’s a short walk to Playa Mann, where the remainder of the afternoon will be spent relaxing on the beach and enjoying the Loberia. Since so many Sea Lions share the island, Cristóbal is also known as Isla Lobo and has many protected breeding areas. You’ll enjoy watching Sea Lions play in the sand alongside sun bathers and swimmers.

The sun sets about 6pm daily in the Galapagos. Each evening we will return to the hotel to freshen up and make dinner plans. You can choose to explore the downtown areas at your leisure or join the group for dinner. The hotels in both Cristóbal and Santa Cruz are located within walking distance to the restaurant and shopping districts. At both islands you’ll easily be able to choose from an array of restaurants featuring both local seafood specialties and traditional international meals. There will be a different, top rated restaurant chosen each evening with a special group dinner and drink available.

Day 4 – Sunday (November 13)

Tour Cristóbal Highlands, El Junco Volcanic Crater Walk and Enjoy Puerto Chino Beach

Start off the day with an early and refreshing breakfast at the hotel so that we can hit the road for the beautiful highlands of San Cristóbal. A small hike leads up the side of an extinct volcano to El Junco, a miraculous fresh water lake in the center of the volcanic crater. This beautiful site offers both incredible panoramic views of the island and ideal bird watching. You may see many of the endemic bird species including Galapagos mockingbirds, pintails, moorhens, pied-billed grebes and frigate birds as they swoop down to the water to wash off the salt from the ocean and dive for fish.

Next it’s a short ride to the San Cristóbal Tortoise Reservation. In conjunction with the Charles Darwin Research Center, this Reservation is a remarkable sanctuary and breeding center for the Giant Tortoises. Quietly wander through open trails to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat. They are often at arm’s length, sharing the trails and searching for leafy greens.

Finally, spend the afternoon in the beautiful and secluded Puerto Chino. This sandy beach is a surfer’s paradise and the perfect spot to enjoy a swim and look for Blue-footed Boobies & Ghost Crabs on the Rocky shore. In the evening take time to stroll through Downtown Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, where sea lions share the cobblestone streets and harbor benches. Have dinner with the group at a delicious local restaurant (at own expense). Our STI Concierge will be on hand to offer recommendations.

Day 5 – Monday (November 14)

Boat Tour and Snorkeling at Kicker Rock

After breakfast, prepare for an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Enjoy a refreshing boat ride with beautiful views of the coastline. Then look at the volcanic rock formations ahead, two towers rising out of the water. Between these towers is an incredible channel filled with colorful schools of fish as well as exciting marine life. Float on the waves above while you watch all the beautiful life below swimming through the channel. This truly is a once in a lifetime snorkeling experience with tropic fish and sea turtles passing alongside you, and eagle rays and hammerhead sharks swimming in the distance. The boat will take us around Kicker Rock to view the best snorkeling sites and wildlife observation sites.
After a day of sun, swim and snorkel, take some time to relax before enjoying a final evening and dinner in Puerto Moreno.

Day 6 – Tuesday (November 15)

Boat Taxi to Santa Cruz, Tortuga Bay Beach

After an early morning boat taxi to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, take some time to check in and relax at the hotel. Then spend the afternoon at Tortuga Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The walking path to the beach is about 1.5 miles and worth every step. While at the beach you can stroll along the pristine white sand while watching iguanas, herons or pelicans. Put on your snorkeling gear to see sea turtles, sea lions or manta rays and more colorful fish. The beauty of this bay will make it hard to leave. Catch a couple minutes of beautiful sunset views before hitting the trail back out of the park.

Day 7 – Wednesday (November 16)

Yacht Tour to Bartolomé Island, Lava Field Hike, Penguin Viewing & Snorkeling

After breakfast, leave for a ride through the highlands to Puerta Itabaca on the far North Side of the island. From this port, board a luxury Yacht for a comfortable ride to Bartolomé, an uninhabited island off of Santiago. The day will be filled with the best snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands, a walk through fields of cooled lava, and a ride along the shore looking for the endemic Galapagos Penguins. If you are lucky, the penguins, sea lions or iguanas might swim along by during your incredible snorkeling experience.

Get back on board for a freshly prepared lunch while the boat travels back to Itabaca Canal. Relax on the boat and taxi rides back to the hotel. In the evening, share stories of the day’s incredible sites over a delicious meal.

Day 8 – Thursday (November 17)

Protected Tortoise Reserve, then Walk, swim & snorkel at Las Grietas

After breakfast an official Galapagos National Park guide will take everyone to a protected Tortoise Reserve Ranch. Step deeper into the Giant Tortoise’s natural environment as an official guide leads the way through lush endemic Galapagos ferns to ponds were the Giant Tortoises congregate. This site also features Los Tuneles underground Lava Caves. See the incredible rock formations created in these amazing underground caverns. After you’ve worked up an appetite exploring, enjoy a delicious lunch including freshly made empanadas and locally grown organic coffee – a favorite souvenir to take home.

Then head to Las Grietas. The guide will lead the way through volcanic terrain to a rocky crevasse that opens to a beautiful lagoon filled with crystal clear water. Everyone will appreciate a refreshing swim and amazing snorkeling in the peaceful cool turquoise waters. In the evening, celebrate the time with your new lifelong friends over a dinner in Puerto Ayora.

Day 9 – Friday (November 18)

Return to Quito, Farewell Dinner

An early breakfast will allow an opportunity to check out some sights in the highlands on the way to the airport. As the taxi travel north, stop and see Los Gemelos or Twin Craters. Though they are called craters, these formations are actually the result of collapsed dormant volcanos. The Taxi will continue north to Itabaca Canal for a Ferry ride to the airport on Baltra Island. After our flight back to Quito, we will return to the hotel for a delicious traditional Ecuadorian dinner.

Day 10 – Saturday (November 19)


Unfortunately, our adventure comes to an end, but leaving us with wonderful photos and memories. Our airport transfers are included and will be arranged by our hosts. We look forward to having you and your friends with us soon on a Singles Travel International vacation! Have a safe journey back home!

Itinerary Changes: Itinerary details are established in advance and subject to change according to unforeseen factors and local conditions such as availability, weather, traffic or construction. In the event that conditions prevent an excursion your host and hotel staff will accommodate to the best of their ability a similar tour. If personal needs or preferences do not align with a certain day or portion of the trip, and the guides will do everything possible to accommodate or assist. However, changes will be the guest’s responsibility and priority will be given to the planned itinerary. Singles Travel International and host Mountain Views Inn are not liable for itinerary changes.


Once you make your online reservation, an STI reservation specialist will contact you to review and recommend additional services. Depend on them for assistance with airfare, proper protection, pre and post tour services. Once that step is complete, you will receive a final invoice from us confirming your reservation details.

Once you have received your invoice, Passport details must be provided in order to reserve your the mainland to island flight. This includes your passport number, expiration and photo of your passport for confirmation. It can be shared by email or text.

READ your invoice and the FAQ page very carefully and advise if any changes need to be made.

Next, say hello to your fellow travelers on the chat!

Click Here! for your “Final Vacation Details & Meetup Information” including transportation and how to meet up with the group. Questions? Email us at service@singlestravelintl.com.

The tour begins in Quito on November 10, 2015, and ends the morning of November 19, 2015. Therefore the tour is 9 nights/10 days.

A deposit is due at time of reservation. Refer to the Price and Options tab for the amount. Final payment is due in our office by August 12, 2015. A reminder will be emailed to you 7 days prior to due date and your card will automatically be charged. If you make a reservation after August 12, full payment will be automatically charged at time of reservation and penalties will apply.

Yes. All cancellations must be made in writing to Singles Travel International and are subject to per person penalties as follows:

After deposit, a minimum charge of $100.00 plus credit card charges if applicable.

After August 12, 2015 – any cancellations or “no-shows” – 100% penalty.

Our package includes airport transportation and a guide will meet you at the Quito Airport UIO. After exiting customs, you’ll find your guide holding a sign with your name and the initials MVI. Your guide will take you to the hotel, approximately 15 minutes away, where you will meet your fellow travelers.

As guests arrive through Day 1, feel free to explore the grounds and enjoy the onsite amenities. Everyone who arrives by 7:00pm will meet at the restaurant for a special welcome dinner. Meet your hosts and new friends while enjoying a fantastic traditional Ecuadorian dinner.

Please submit your flight schedule and photocopy of your passport to us no later than October 20, 2016. Make sure to include your airline and flight number so we can track flight changes or delays for your pickup. Email us at service@singlestravelintl.com.

Singles Travel International is a vacation event company that plans singles events and markets our events at our expense to create a “singles only” experience. We do not allow guests to join the group unless the reservation has been made by STI. Our policy is firm for tours and cruises, as well as pre and post trip hotel stays. Members and friends that “show up” will not be allowed to participate without paying an equivalent fee to the rest of the group that made the reservation with STI. Your credit card on file will automatically be charged.

Of course. Guests who sign up for our 7 day tour may arrive as early as November 9th and stay additional days after the tour. Each additional night is only $150 per person and will include lodging, breakfast, and the 25% Ecuadorian tax and service fees and must be paid for in advance with STI. Ask at time of reservation.

Additional transportation or services such as tours may be pre-planned and paid for on site. Please contact info@ecuadormvi.comas soon as possible to make reservations and confirm cost.

Tours ($100-which will be paid in Ecuador)
Meals ($50-breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will be paid in Ecuador)

In order to accommodate singles from all over the world, our tours and cruises are priced as land/cruise only. Therefore, airfare is additional. Singles Travel International is a licensed ticketing agency and oftentimes has low negotiated fares.

Schedule your flight to arrive in Quito (UIO) on November 10, 2016 and depart from Quito, November 19, 2016. Airport transfers will be scheduled by Mountain Views Inn and any arrival time can be accommodated. In order to participate in the Welcome Dinner and Orientation, schedule arrival by 4:00pm. If considering a very late arrival, be aware that breakfast will be served at 8:00am Friday, November 11, 2016 then the group will head out for the city tour of Quito.

Our local guide will meet you at the airport in Quito and transfer you to our resort, Mountain Views Inn, approximately 30 minutes from Quito. Please submit your flight schedule to us no later than October 1, 2016. Email us at service@singlestravelintl.com.

The tour does not include roundtrip airfare to Quito UIO. You are responsible for alcoholic beverages, personal purchases such as souvenirs and snacks, incidentals such as massages, laundry and gratuities to STI hosts ($10-15 per day), and local guides.

Galapagos Islands National Park Entrance & Visitor Card
Upon your entrance to The Galapagos Islands National Park, you will be required to pay $120 in cash for your entrance and visitor card. Each guest must bring $120 in US Dollars for these fees. The Visitor Card cost is $20 and payable in cash on arrival to the Galapagos.

Dinners in Galapagos: Each night there will be a Restaurant selected and recommended for the group based on menu options and reputation or reviews of quality. Dinner prices in the Galapagos range from $10-$25. Beer prices start at $3, and Wine or Cocktail prices start at $6. Guests will also have the flexibility to explore other locations at their discretion to suit their personal tastes or budget.

Scuba Diving is available at Kicker Rock and Bartolome and can be arranged for an additional $225 per location, pending availability.

Additional nights are $150 per person, per night and include lodging, breakfast, and the 25% Ecuadorian tax and service fees. Additional tours are available and are at cost, paid directly on-site in Ecuador. If you are interested in additional tours, please contact info@ecuadormvi.com as soon as possible to make reservations and confirm cost.

The itinerary is established in advance and may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. However, if you opt to do something that is different than or in addition to what is planned for the group, you are at your own expense.

Absolutely. Our site is so popular that we guarantee to find a roommate for you or the single room is on us! In order to take advantage of our offer, you must be paid in full by August 14, 2015.

On this tour we have availability for 3 members to share only first and last night at Mountain Views Inn and save $300! In the Galapagos, you’ll be sharing with only one other member.

Please contact your preferred carrier directly to make your reservation. If Singles Travel International issues a promotional economy fare, granting of frequent flyer credit is entirely at the airline’s discretion. If the flights are eligible, to ensure you earn frequent flyer credit from the airline, give your frequent flyer account number when you check in for your flights. In addition, save your boarding passes and the passenger receipt from your airline ticket. You may need to submit these to the airline (not to Singles Travel International) to claim any credit allowed.

9 nights accommodations at the beautiful Garden Hotel San Jose, Hotel Fiesta or similar cozy and comfortable 3-Star Boutique Hotels. All hotels have a bar or dining area and free Wi-Fi, with additional services, such as International Phone Calls and Laundry provided at an additional cost. Each hotel carries a personality of its own with amenities such as pool and jacuzzi areas for an ambiance of tranquility and comfort.

The lodging for 3 nights Quito, is at the beautiful Garden Hotel San Jose, a restored colonial hacienda with newly updated rooms, each with a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi. The grounds are exquisite with acres of gardens and walking trails, two pools, a Jacuzzi, workout room and spa. It is centrally located between our various excursions, an easy commute to the airport, and in a tranquil valley outside the traffic of the city.

Breakfast is served every morning from 6:30-9:30am and consists of a full service American style breakfast buffet including freshly prepared juices, cereal, yogurt, eggs and more. Lunches and Dinners will be served either on location or at the hotel depending on the day’s excursion.

Of course not. You will be pleased to find out that nearly 90% of our guests on every trip sign up and have never met anyone before joining the group. In 20 years, we have perfected the singles vacation experience. It is paramount that our guests meet each other right away and have opportunities to mingle every day. From the moment you join our tour, our STI Travel Directors are waiting to meet you (in this case, Robert & Sarah, from MVI). Our first day begins with an orientation and the camaraderie builds as we go along. The nature of the trip is trying something new, challenging yourself and motivating those around you. The bonds that develop on our adventure tours are by far the strongest and longest lasting.

Our Adventure is perfectly suited to physically active members in the 35-55 age range, who are fit and practice a regular routine of exercise 2-3 times per week. We generally have a ratio of 60/40, women to men. As a travel club, matchmaking is not our focus. Ages listed on our page are not restricted. They are simply used as a guideline. We offer an opportunity for single travelers to see the world in the company of other singles and do not guarantee the ages or ratios.

Be sure and take advantage of our community features including the viewing of profiles of those already signed up to go. Send messages and meet your fellow travelers even before you take off!

The average daytime temperature for the Galapagos in the fall varies from 70s to 80s.

From June to December the southern tradewinds bring the colder Humbolt current north to the Galapagos. This means that the water is cooler, and a layer of high atmosphere mist pervades the island skies. In effect, the highlands of the larger islands are kept green and lush, while the sea level islands and shorelines have little precipitation. Wet suits are available for rent along with other snorkel and dive gear if required.

Thus, June to December is generally called the “dry season “known for its blue skies and mid-day showers.

Ecuador’s climate is strongly influenced by ocean currents, trade winds, and altitude, which make generalization difficult. Our resort is in the heartland of the Andes at a lower altitude than Quito and enjoys perpetual spring like climate with temperatures in the high 60s. Weather in Quito is similar year-round, with warm sunny days giving way to very cool nights. Our resort enjoys the perfect weather with 60s in the early morning and nighttime, but reaches temperatures of 75-80 during the daytime, all year round.

Currently, most airlines will allow you to check two bags, weighing 50 pounds each, for a fee. In addition you may carry-on one bag plus a personal item such as a purse or briefcase. Please check with your air carrier for up-to-the minute regulations and fees for checked baggage.

However, for the flights to and from the Galapagos there are weight restrictions for both checked and carry-on baggage. You may check 1 or 2 bags, with a total weight restriction of 48lbs. You may also bring 1 carry-on not weighting more than 18 lbs.

Please abide by the carry-on luggage restrictions. All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in three-ounce or smaller containers. Larger containers that are half-full or toothpaste tubes rolled up are not allowed. All items must be stored in a clear, 1 quart, zip lock bag.

Just in case your luggage is lost, we strongly recommend that you pack a change of clothing in your carry-on luggage. Do not pack money, travel documents, jewelry or medicine in your checked baggage. Hand carry these essential items!

Ecuador is at a higher altitude than most travelers’ home city. Be prepared for cool evenings and a much hotter sun. Not only are we higher, we are only approximately 15 miles from the Equator. Bring along spring/summer clothing and we recommend that you mix and match using 1-3 colors, such as khaki, brown and white that you can layer if necessary. Comfortable hiking shoes are a must. Bring a fleece sweatshirt for those chilly evenings.

**Packing Tips:** Take only what you need; don`t over pack. Save room for souvenirs and purchases. Pack flat and full to avoid wrinkling. Bring wardrobe basics; mix and match around one or two colors. Don`t pack anything valuable, fragile or perishable. Label your luggage with an outside tag, and place an identification card inside each suitcase.

**Essential Items: We highly recommend that you bring the following items.**

– A good, comfortable pair of broken-in hiking boots
– A pair of shoes for restaurants (loafers, sandals, etc)
– Comfortable pair of water shoes or sandals for snorkeling and walking along beaches
– Clothing for walking/light hiking, beach wear, and evening attire for restaurants
– A bathing suit
– Lightweight raingear, poncho
– Sunglasses, sun block (30 or higher for face), sun hat, baseball cap or visor
– Toiletries: all your daily essentials
– Prescription medications: sufficient supply for the entire trip plus legible written prescription in case of loss. Keep medications in their original, labeled container. Always pack your medications in your carry-on bag!
– Eyeglasses, contacts, contact lens solution. You may want to bring along a written prescription for your eyewear in case of loss.
– Over the counter medications: cold remedy, aspirin/pain reliever, antacid/stomach upset remedy, Band-Aids, anti-bacterial medication, Dramamine (if prone to motion sickness), neosporin, anti-itch cream.
– Mosquito repellant
– Photography Equipment: Water Protection, extra memory cards and batteries recommended
– Ziplock baggies to carry wet clothing
– Binoculars

– Old clothing to donate to local church/school

Ecuador requires a valid passport from all people entering the country and proof of return tickets to the traveler’s home country or another country after Ecuador. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your departure from Ecuador. We recommend keeping your passport safely at the resort, and carry a copy with you at all times while in Ecuador.

Upon entering it is mandatory for visitors to complete an international embarkation/disembarkation card; it is then stamped with your passport. Do keep this card in your passport; losing it can make problems when exiting the country along with spot checks on buses, clubs, restaurants or in the streets.

110 Volts, 60 cycles which is the same as the US.

Ecuador does not practice daylight savings time and therefore, in comparison with the US, is on Central Standard Time or GMT -5:00 part of the year and Eastern Standard Time or GMT -4:00 for the other half. During our tour, Ecuador will be in CST.

The currency used in Ecuador is the US dollar.

Most locations do not accept major credit cards. For incidentals and small vendors you will need US dollars in small denominations, $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills that are not too old, worn or ripped. ATM machines are usually located in large cities, but are limited in smaller towns and rural areas. Our package is all-inclusive, so you will not need large amounts of money other than for shopping, a few lunches and nightlife, all of which are very reasonable. Estimate $10-$15 per outing.

Although no inoculations are required, pre-departure health checkups are essential for any major Latin American trip so do check in with your doctor for vaccinations in plenty of time before journeying or even a Latin American specialist if your doctor is not qualified sufficient to help. Today immunizations against smallpox and Cholera are not necessary or recognized even by the World Health Organization.

The major vaccinations recommended for Latin America travel to combat diseases are as follows: Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Infectious Hepatitis, & Rabies in the jungle areas or other epidemics that may have recently sprung up such as Meningitis.

Two excellent websites outlining the major precautions are: www.cdc.gov and www.who.int which are the official sites for the centers of disease control prevention and the World health organization respectively.

**Take Precautions:** Never eat from street vendor stalls due to contamination of the handlers or street pollution from passing vehicles or drink the local water unless you have purification tablets, preferably iodine based.

Use bottled water when possible as the iodine taste can be overpowering. Also, always wash and clean fruits thoroughly before eating as well as your washing and drying your hands on clean hand towels or paper tissues. Brush teeth with bottled water and avoid eating uncooked foods unless you are familiar with the source.

Travel Insurance is available through Travel Guard and in addition to direct access immediately upon completing your purchase, you will receive a quote from Travel Guard regarding travel insurance after reserving your vacation.  If you have any questions, Travel Guard professional, expert agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Call us, if you have not received your quote within 3 days.

Your Final Vacation Details & Meetup Info document, available here on the FAQ tab 14 days prior to departure, will include a phone contact number for the Mountain Views Inn. Instructions on international dialing codes will be provided. We suggest you leave a copy of this with your family.

**United States:** Our office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. In an emergency after hours, please contact Tammy Weiler at 815-715-6998.

For easy communication in Ecuador, you may be able to use your own phone plan, generally .99-1.99 per minute (check before departure).

All countries you will visit have laws against the purchase and export of certain items, including antiquities, national cultural property and certain animal products, especially endangered species (ivory, rhino horn, tortoise shell, coral, feathers, etc.). Additionally, the United States has laws prohibiting the import of certain items, which include many of the same things. You face having your purchase confiscated and/or heavy fines for exporting or importing prohibited items.

On return to the U.S., your baggage is subject to search by U.S. Customs. Currently, you are permitted to bring back $800 of goods duty free. Persons aged 21 or over may also bring in one liter of liquor and one carton of cigarettes. If you plan to purchase a lot of souvenirs or expensive items, it is important to retain all purchase receipts. However, please note that U.S. Customs may not accept a receipt as true cost if it seems unusually low for the estimated value of the item. You may access the regulations and restrictions governing US Customs on their official website, click here to learn more.


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