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July 6, 2017

The Top 3 Reasons to See the Galapagos Islands with STI

You’ve had this destination on your travel bucket list for years – the magical Galapagos Islands.  As incredible as the National Geographic videos are, nothing can compare to walking the beautiful beaches, witnessing the breathtaking views and experiencing the wildlife yourself!  This is a trip you want to get right the first time, and Singles Travel International has a specially crafted Galapagos Adventure with perfect timing, itinerary, convenience and options.  Finally enjoy this dream destination with your new STI friends!

Perfect Timing to beat the Tourists


Since the Galapagos Islands are located along the Equator, temperatures don’t vary drastically throughout the year, high temperatures typically are typically between the mid-70’s to 80’s.  Even in the hot, rainy season of December – May, showers are brief and clear quickly to sunny skies.  Very few land species are migratory so wildlife viewing is fantastic all year.  With so many year-round benefits, what makes the Galapagos Adventure with Singles Travel International so perfect?

Ocean currents are seasonal and the Humbolt Current that flows through the Galapagos in November attracts more marine life for amazing snorkeling and scuba experiences.  You’ll be more likely to see big schools of hammerhead sharks or the elusive whale sharks. Tourist season peaks from January through February, so visiting the islands in November offers an opportunity to enjoy the sites with fewer crowds and more serenity.  This also means better rates for flying directly to the Galapagos, (SCY/GPS) or to mainland Quito, (UIO).



Perfect Itinerary to See All the Best

You could spend weeks island hopping in the Galapagos and still have more to see.  If your vacation days and budget are limited, how do you choose what to see and do?  Many people think the only way to see it all is to board a cruise, visiting a new island every day but being rushed back aboard their yacht each day by 6 p.m., suffering sea-sickness, small cabins or outrageous prices and missing the island nightlife.  Instead, see the sites top-rated on, watch the sunset while relaxing on the beach, take a stroll through the sea lions along the streets of Puerto Baquerizo, and return each evening to your own comfortable hotel room.

Your hosts have carefully selected the excursions to maximize wildlife and site seeing opportunities at a pace that’s relaxed and enjoyable.  You’ll see several colonies of sea lions throughout San Cristobal Island, often with newborn pups nestled alongside their moms in the safe, secluded bays.  Snorkeling and scuba diving at Kicker Rock offers sightings of giant sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, and eagle rays.  The beaches and hikes in the highlands will offer plenty of opportunities to see the great frigate birds, marine iguanas and giant Saddleback Tortoises.  While exploring Santa Cruz you’re sure to see the famous Blue-footed Boobies, land iguanas and Dome-Shelled Giant Tortoises.

The optional but highly recommended day tour to Bartolome gives you a chance to see the iconic views of the islands and spot or even swim with the tiny Galapagos Penguins.  You’ll walk the same path followed by the cast and crew of “Master and Commander” up to the peak of the island for panoramic views of Pinnacle Rock.  Reservations must be made well in advance to ensure availability for this incredible day trip.



Perfect Convenience above and below the Surface

OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS! Traveling solo doesn’t have to mean sacrificing convenience!  You can discover the Galapagos while enjoying all meals included and options to customize your trip to meet your travel style and needs.  With hosts that are passionate about Ecuadorian culture and cuisine, the restaurants and meals are carefully selected to ensure delicious dining for all guests.  Ecuadorian coastal cuisine is typically fresh and hearty with favorites including exotic fruit juices and salads, fried plantains, ceviche and an array of the day’s catch of seafood.  Vegetarian, gluten-free or other specialty diets can easily be accommodated by notifying hosts in advance.

Being land-based gives everyone the opportunity to customize the trip to suit your travel style or interests.  Scuba fans can upgrade from snorkeling to some of the best scuba excursions on the planet!  Those prone to motion sickness can skip the snorkeling excursions and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

You even have flexibility on your arrival and departure.  Travelers coming from the West Coast may find same day travel into San Cristobal Island, SCY, and out of Balta, GPS.  Or for added convenience and to break up long flight schedules, choose the Quito Concierge package.  Simply book your travel into and out of Quito, UIO and let your hosts take care of the rest!  In addition to Round-trip airfare to the Galapagos from Quito, this includes airport transportation, two nights single room accommodations, meals, a full day tour of Quito, pre-registration with the Galapagos National Park and your hosts guiding you through airport check-in and arrival to the islands.  In the event of any flight or baggage delays, you’ll have a friend taking care of everything while you enjoy a tour of the most beautiful city in South America! (That’s Quito!)

Sea lions

So don’t let another year go by, wishing and wondering.  Make your travel dreams come true and join Singles Travel International for the vacation of a lifetime!

Submitted by Sarah Fernandez-Gailey 

STI Concierge for the Galapagos and Ecuador

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