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October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday Oasis for Singles

Contributed by Michael Katz, STI Concierge and Professional Dance Instructor for Singles

You would think that after being on 50+ singles cruises, that it would take a lot to be impressed when it comes to new cruise ships! This is Michael, your STI Concierge here to report that after being on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis a number of times, I have to say….I AM IMPRESSED! How can you not be impressed with a ship that has 7 neighborhoods?

From the moment you enter the Oasis on the Promenade Deck, you are instantly transformed into a fabulous mall, with a Latin and Karaoke Club, a Pizza and Cupcake Shop, Stores galore, and a bar that is also an open elevator that takes you 2 decks up toCentral Park. Yes,Central Park, complete with real trees, grass, walking paths, an incredible Café, and 4 top notch specialty restaurants. In betweenCentral Parkand the Promenade is the Boardwalk Deck, and this is not to be missed. Care to take a Carousel Ride, have a burger at Johnny Rockets, or have lunch at the Seafood Shack? All this and more is available to you as you stroll along the Boardwalk! Not to mention 2 giant rock climbing walls, ice cream shop, and at the end of the Boardwalk, a 700 seat Aqua Theatre, which by day, you can see the sexy legs and belly flop contests, and by night, an aqua show complete with 6 divers, 4 synchronized swimmers, 2 specialty divers, and 6 acrobats!

This is just one of the fabulous shows offered on the Oasis to entertain you. Over your 7 night cruise to St Maarten, St Thomas and Nassau, Bahamas, you can also see Hairspray, the Broadway Show, enjoy an incredible Ice Show in the Oasis Ice Skating Rink, go to a comedy show in a real comedy club, listen to a live jazz band in the jazz club, or dance the night away in 2 disco’s, Bolero’s Latin Club, or an outdoor party on the pool deck!

Now you may feel that this ship is too big with too many people. How many? Did I say 6400!! Wow!!! Well let me tell you that because this ship has so much to offer, you never feel like it is any more crowded than a ship with 2000 people. This is the most amazing part!

And oh, we’re not finished yet! I forgot to tell you that you can zip line across the top of the ship, ride a surf board in 2 surfing pools, play basketball, golf, relax in the best cruise spa or fitness center, the Solarium, or one of the 10 whirlpools, 2 of which overlook the ocean. You can even see a 3D Movie in the Theatre. Wow!

All this in addition to the incredible food, bars, parades, pools, and ports too! Add Thanksgiving to the menu, and you have the perfect cruise! So what are you waiting for? Join us for the best Thanksgiving cruise of all time!

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