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May 9, 2017

South America: Food is a good part of the Adventure in Ecuador

Calling all home chefs and foodies! Singles Travel International has the eats! Explore your taste buds while in Ecuador. 

Your culinary experience is as important as any part of your trip, adding to the enjoyment of each and every day.  Ecuador may be the surprise gem that you never considered, holding a wealth of new tastes and disfresh fruit markethes that leave visitors craving more. Though it’s the size of Colorado, Ecuador has the biodiversity of an entire continent providing an equally diverse range of fresh flavors to experience.

Ecuador’s location along the Equator makes for unbeatable fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. A meal is only as good as its ingredients, and you’ll immediately taste the difference in having produced ripened locally by the sun instead of being picked green and shipped thousands of miles. Mangos, Papayas and Bananas explode with sweetness and intense flavor.  You’ll find yourself skipping the salt and sugar to enjoy the finest natural flavors.

Watch this video of the fresh market from our NYE in Ecuador Adventure.

The tropical climates of the rainforests and coast are home to exotic fruits you won’t find at home.  Crack into a tart and sweet Maracuya or Passionfruit, a national favorite and perfect addition to pastries, cocktails and even barbeque sauce.  Chirimoya, Guanabana, and Grenadilla are more seasonal treats with completely unique textures to tempt the tastebuds.

To indulge your savory side, try some dishes from the Highlands.  Traditionally, all Ecuadorian meals start with a soup so you’ll find many to try during your travels.  Don’t miss the national favorite, Locro de Papa, a potato soup accompanied by a variety of toppings like avocado, popcorn and cheese.

Second plates are diverse, with specialties to entice both vegetarians and carnivores.  Yuca, a starchy root and Plantains, a relative of the banana are plentiful and found in many dishes.  Delicious fried Yuca and salty Plantain Chips will be your new french fry replacement, and the perfect partner for a Pilsner – Ecuador’s national beer.  Quinoa is an Andean superfood, a protein packed grain that makes its way into soups, salads or featured as the main course.  Though beef is not plentiful, carnivores will find a wealth of chicken and pork from the highlands, slow roasted or fried to perfection.  Plus, the Amazon and Atlantic provide the freshest fish and seafood, best enjoyed as filling Ceviche or Grilled ‘Ecocoado’ – topped with a rich coconut sauce.

Regardless of your palate, Ecuador is sure to offer new flavors, new recipes, and a culinary experience you won’t forget!Sarah & Robert 2M

submitted by Sarah Fernandez- Your Galapagos and Ecuador Concierge for Singles Travel International

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