February 21, 2014

Solo Travel & Packing Tips for Long Haul Flights

With baby boomer singles retiring by the thousands daily, we find more and more of our singles travel members wanting to travel farther, for longer. Here are some excellent tips from STI Concierge and globe trotter, Else R.

In-Flight (walk around the plane and stretch as often as possible)

What to Wear (some are applicable to ladies only)

  • layers (maxi-dress or tank/cami, long sleeve loose t or blouse (so you can roll up sleeves), loose pants/leggings and jacket/blazer)
  • pashmina/scarf that can double as blanket and sarong for bathing suit
  • MINIMAL jewlery
  • shoes that slip on/off easily
  • compression socks, stockings or tights if concerned about DVT)

Bring on plane (in carry-on)

  • eye mask
  • ear plugs
  • inflatable neck pillow
  • comfy socks
  • flip flops or slip on shoes (to use when going to the bathroom to put on with socks)
  • headphones/earbuds
  • I-pad, Kindle, or phone downloaded with reading material, games, podcasts & music
  • back up batteries and/or chargers for the above
  • adapters

In separate Plane kit (quart-sized clear bag)

    • lip balm
    • eye drops
    • moisturizer
    • neosporin or vaseline (to prevent dry nose)
    • antibacterial hand gel
    • travel toothpaste
    • antacid, baby aspirin (prevents DVT)
    • Tylenol PM or sleep aid (if ok’d by Dr and previously taken…DO NOT TAKE FOR 1st TIME WHILE ON PLANE) **vitamin C/Airborne/ Emergen-C
    • allergy meds**
  • small travel pack of wipes: facial/ baby wipes/antibacterial
  • toothbrush
  • snacks (nuts, bars, dried fruit, p-nut butter crackers)
  • empty water bottle to fill up in airport/on plane (I recommend Vapur brand because it rolls up)
  • tissues
  • sunglasses
  • bathing suit
  • spare undergarments & change of clothing in case luggage lost/delayed
  • passport & wallet tucked deep inside your bag under your own seat

**always keep all Rx in ORIGINAL bottles with labeling in your name

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