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August 9, 2017

Referrals: The Life Blood of Singles Travel International

As we approach our 25th anniversary here at Singles Travel International, we are poised for growth and need your help. All singles want to get out and meet new people. Your single friends may not have the same Bucket List, budget or travel schedule as you, so sending singles to take a peek at our trips or giving them our number to call and chat with STI is a great way to enrich the lives of other singles around you. We are asking for your business and your referrals.

Word of Mouth is King! Cancelling trips when a group is too small is heartbreaking for us. We rarely do this, but it has become a financial reality with vendors who will not run our exclusive, singles only tour unless it has a minimum number of singles booked. Vendors have strict deadlines for cancelling space so they may offer it to others and then our hands are tied. Building our list by word of mouth is the best way to ensure your vacation has enough people to make it a go and we all know, the more the merrier when it comes to meeting new people on vacation. Also the earlier we get singles booked, the better we can plan on adding concierges when the group starts to get large.

Refer your Single Friends. EARN $25 FOR EVERY NEW MEMBER YOU REFER WHO BOOKS A TRIP! We know it is hard to find single friends, (that’s what keeps us in business!) but we also know that you do run into single people in your life through work and social functions. When your friends books their first trip, they can easily put your name in the booking form under “Referred by:” and we will credit your trip $25.

LIsa R

Lisa & Friend ~ Scandinavia & Russia

Happy Foodies

Dining in San Cristobal, Cuba

Steve D from Laguna Woods, California has referred friends who traveled with him to Cuba and to Chicago. “It’s great to experience singles traveling together. Cuba was an incredible experience from a historic and cultural perspective. We enjoyed the dining on the ship as well as two fine restaurants in Cuba. Visiting the bar that Hemingway frequented was a special treat. Chicago was a great weekend too. I asked two friends to join me on the STI Labor Day Jazz Festival long weekend trip to Chicago. They absolutely loved the trip and made several new friends from the STI Group.”

We are confident that once someone travels with STI, a life has been changed in a positive way for a single person who has been sitting at home waiting for the opportunity to travel. Our surveys tout happy men and women who make the leap into singles travel and the world opens up for them. It’s an amazing feeling to change someone’s life. Be a part of it!

Lisa R from Jupiter, FL brought five single friends on the recent Scandinavia & Russia cruise. “My first trip with STI was my first time attempting a “singles” trip and I admit I was skeptical because sometimes big groups attract people who are socially awkward. I found just the opposite. I met an amazing group of interesting adventurous people who were age appropriate and come from all different backgrounds and areas. The trip was well run with Georgia and June at the helm and I felt like I never have to travel alone again. On my second trip, I shared a room with someone I met on the last trip and was happy to see familiar faces. It is a fun and easy way to travel and that is why I recommended it to my friends and will continue to do so. “

If this has happened to you, share your excitement with others and they will remember Singles Travel International and when they meet single people, word will spread and we will grow. It’s a numbers game after all, and we want you to meet as many singles who love to travel as possible. Remember, we are here to create life-changing experiences for singles to meet the world together.

~Submitted by Robin Zell, Director of Marketing for Singles Travel International

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