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September 16, 2011

One Big Happy (Singles Cruise) Family

Over 50 million people are expected to cruise in the next 3 years and to date, only 20% of Americans having cruised. As a single traveler, how do you know which cruise is going to match your idea of a great vacation?

The first important news flash is that unless you go with friends or a group of single travelers, you are very unlikely to meet other singles in 7 days much less within the first 48 hours.

I just got off a cruise this weekend and as usual, I beeline for the singles party in search of new members for STI! And again, I was not disappointed, as usual; there was 1 person who showed up beside me. Why am I not disappointed? Because it reinforces the need for a singles cruise/vacation company to provide a platform for solo travelers.

But aside from choosing a vacation from a licensed singles vacation company with a sterling reputation, what other features should you look for before making your vacation investment?

In the last 18 years we have clearly heard the cry for “Who will be on the trip with me?”

How cool would it be to belong to a community of solo travelers where you had the ability to preview traveler profiles even before you signed up for your vacation? At STI, that’s exactly what you have at your fingertips with your free membership.

And even better, how about having a selection of cruises that are specific to your age range and other special activities that you enjoy on vacation? Both features are part of your personal profile at STI. The more information (which you control using privacy controls) you share with each other and with us, the more fun and accurate your vacation planning becomes.

Certainly some of us wait until the last minute when our boss says, “use it or lose it” and then there’s the mad dash to “Google” the top 3 places on your bucket list, your dates and hope there’s a deal. But for anyone who has tried that, you know it’s hit or miss and more often than not, you end up going by yourself and it’s not what the brochure said.

But most members at STI complete their travel “wish list” and update it regularly so that they receive only relevant emails and have an opportunity to communicate with other travelers on the same vacation. We hear stories every day about our members that have met online and on vacation. I can’t even imagine how many more are out there. We even had a weeding between 2 STI members on the beach inKey Westlast year during our New Year’s Eve cruise!

Singles Travel International is the place to be for single cruisers. I am confident to say that, my name is Tammy, I am president and have spent 18 years making it a fun, safe, reliable and happy place to be. If you are not already a family member, join FREE today and meet 15,000 new singles.




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