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March 29, 2012

Ode to Singles Travel International

Written by member Artie L. from Chicago, IL and presented to Tammy, President of STI, on the Hawaii Five-O Birthday Bash Cruise to celebrate her 50th Birthday.

I’ve traveled with STI both far and near,

Always plenty of wine and maybe a little beer.

There were people from all corners, seeking fun in paradise.

New friends numbered many, and were always so nice,

Whether by plane, ocean liner or even a bus

The arrangements were perfect, at least for most of us.

There was food in the Big Easy, Chicago blues, and pub crawls in Key West.

But it’s darn tough to recall which one was the best.

And who could forget, anticipating the cruise in December

seeing old friends plus seeking, new adventures to remember.

There was Nurse Maggie, Loretta and Pauley D

And Christine and Linda and perky Janice T.

But I’ll never forget the wild trip to “Sin City”,

Where I met a special lady, who was much more than just pretty.

So as we celebrate your birthday in the Hawaiian sun

I’ll remember all the great times, new friends and loads of fun.

Because when it comes to travel, adventure and play,

You can always rely on Tammy and the STI way.

Happy 50th Birthday

April 3, 2012

Love Artie


Thank you Artie and all of our beloved members who traveled to Hawaii with me to celebrate. What a great time we had…again!

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