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April 9, 2020

Meet Our Trip Coordinator!


While we are stuck at home and spending a little more time scrolling the internet (just a little, right? 😬), I figure it is the perfect time to introduce myself. So, whether you are in your living room, office, or have moved to the patio to feel some sense of adventure, I am Lindsay and I am the New Trip Development Coordinator for Singles Travel International. I research destinations, hotels, services, activities, vendors, reviews, etc., and I must say; I absolutely love it! I didn’t come here to brag but I have a pretty awesome job, working for a fun company and a pretty amazing boss (Tammy, please add 10 brownie points to my employee file 😆). Working in the travel industry allows me the opportunity to do something I feel very passionate about. I believe travel is the best way to open our minds, grow and really appreciate our beautiful world. Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I step off a plane, or cruise ship, in to a new destination. In my position, I feel like I get to share that passion with so many like-minded people. While I may not be on the trips with you, I am certainly there in spirit and I love hearing how much you enjoy your experiences and the connections you make with each other, as well as with yourselves. It truly inspires me as I write up our next adventures.

As I continue to research and plan our travel calendar, I encourage you to share your ideas with us. Right now, we are all doing our part to keep each other safe and healthy (and that is SO important), but it doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming and talking about where we want to go next. Once we are able to travel further than the sidewalk again, my ever-growing bucket list will be calling my name louder than ever. I checked “kitchen” and “garden” off this morning and, I must say, it feels good to shorten that list.

If you have read this far, I think you have a pretty solid impression of me and are probably ready to scroll elsewhere. Thanks for hanging in here with me and I hope to someday meet you all on a trip! In the meantime, if you come across a dog post on our Facebook page, or any kind of animal, that’s probably me sharing my other passion with you. I hope you are all healthy, happy and staying inspired! 🏝️✈️❤️

Please enjoy these pictures of my furry assistants. Stanley (French Bulldog) loves long walks, belly rubs and barking at literally everything. Bailey (Beagle) loves ice cubes, napping on the couch and napping on the other couch. They are both very sassy and terrible at filing.










Pretending I am in Paris,


New Trip Development Coordinator

Singles Travel International

Creating life-changing experiences and unique opportunities to meet the worldtogether!!!  

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