August 9, 2012

London for the Solo Traveler

There are so many exciting things to see in London, how do you choose? As a solo traveler to London, the good news is that it’s all up to you – no compromise! That’s why our singles week in London is designed with lots of free time to “do” London your way.

One of the best values in town is the Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. You see the most popular sights at your own pace. The price is reasonable and you are almost guaranteed to meet other solo travelers while hopping from site to site. If that doesn’t work, we have more ideas below along with “must see” spots.

1. Tower of London remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. Complete with tales of historical drama, infamous Beefeaters, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armouries, a visit to the Tower is a must for all visitors to London.

2. Tower Bridge Exhibition. Built in 1894, this is one of the best known and most iconic bridges in London. Visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition and you’ll not only learn about the history of the Bridge but you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of London from the high-level walkways – a perfect photo opportunity.

3. St Paul’s Cathedral is another popular tourist attraction in London and it’s one of the most beautiful too. The Cathedral is home to the tombs of great historical figures such Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. TOP TIP: Climb the 530 steps from the cathedral floor to the Golden Gallery, also known as the Whispering Gallery, for panoramic views of London.

4. Windsor Castle. Located just outside of London, it is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It has been the official residence of the British sovereign for over 900 years and the amazing State Apartments are a favourite with London tourists.

5. Hampton Court Palace was the home of King Henry VIII. Not only is this one of the most breathtaking and legendary of all London palaces, it also boasts stunning gardens, a world famous hedge maze and more than one ghost.

6. Kensington Palace was home to the late Princess Diana and birthplace of Queen Victoria. This stunning palace can be found in the lovely Kensington Gardens surrounding the royal residence.

7. Pub Crawl is a fun way to meet other solo travelers and experience a favorite local pastime without the pressure of walking in alone. There are many from which to choose but one that stands out from the crowd is London Tavern Trails.

8. Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, an identical reconstruction of the original building which housed Shakespeare’s theatre in London. This open-air playhouse can be found in the banks of the Thames River and features an exhibition dedicated to both the play writer.

9. West End Theater and Covent Garden. The West End of London (more commonly referred to as simply the West End) is an area of central London containing many of the city’s major tourist attractions, shops, and entertainment venues, including the commercial West End theatres). Adjacent is Covent Gardens, where you’ll find oodles of restaurants, shops, pubs theaters and street performances. Spend an afternoon people watching, grab a bite to eat and you may just find someone to join you for a performance. Head for TKTS to get same day, half priced theater tickets.

10. Google “singles clubs in london” to find lots of local groups that are more than happy to have you along for one of their events. STI is partners with the Dinner Club UK and will gladly make introductions for a fabulous night out!

Share your tips and ideas for singles traveling to London. Haven’t been yet? Join Singles Travel International in London for the Thanksgiving Holiday 2012!

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