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May 10, 2018

Local Adventures in Faraway Places

Often, we get asked if we only “do” cruises at Singles Travel International. And we are quick to say, “NO! we have tours, weekend getaways and adventure trips too!”  But we can’t help but wonder why cruises are the focus when people think of singles traveling together. Maybe because “singles cruises” are a THING.

It’s the “thing” to do when you have a break up or a divorce. Singers write songs about singles cruises. Cruises just seem to garner more attention. So, we guess because it’s a “thing,” people assume it’s all that we do. Heed the advice of your millennial children and take a tour. It could be the life-changing experience you’ve been yearning for all along.

As solo travel is the hottest travel trend going these days, you will notice that this push for solitary pilgrimages to find yourself and just unplug are not taking place on mega cruise ships with 2,000 bunny-hopping couples. Immersing yourself into a local culture unlike any place you’ve ever been is the secret to a truly rewarding vacation. We say “solo schmolo!” Singles spend more than their fair share of time alone. Why vacation alone too? Singles Travel International is here to show you the best destinations and provide the most unique local experiences and joining one of our tours is the answer to finding your best vacation yet.

Tours really provide the best, more intimate way to see a destination. If you call and ask our sales team what’s the best way to see Italy, we will never tell you to get on a cruise ship. We prefer the casual tour with lots of free time to explore. Some meals included, but some dining spots are left open, so you can try that cute corner bistro you found on the walking tour. Or find out where the locals hang out to practice your Italian. [You can easily see the daily itinerary of any trip we offer and what meals and activities are included.]

It may be all about the pace.

No port-hopping. No rushing to get back on the ship by 5 p.m. then get showered and dressed up to have frozen fish for dinner. Local hotspots replace 10-20 lounges on the ship. You can immerse yourself in conversation with a local pub owner rather than the cute couple from Nebraska celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Maybe it’s the local flavor.

Tours give you the chance to spend the night in a location and see how the locals celebrate, like our NYE in Ecuador Adventure. We ring in the New Year with locals in downtown Quito and take part in the annual tradition of “Año Viejo.” {In Ecuador at the stroke of midnight, people around the country bring effigies of politicians, pop culture figures, and other icons of the year to torch in the streets. This tradition of burning the “año viejo” (“old year”) is symbolic of cleansing the bad from the previous 12 months before the new year commences.} You won’t find that on a cruise ship! Nor will you find a day of rafting, ziplines and medicinal hot springs to make your vacation complete.

Part of our NEW Locally Grown collection of tours, Active Argentina Plus Iguassu Falls will challenge you and excite you with water, wine, rafting, cycling and lots of free time in spectacular, mountain-studded, fresh air locations. Active tours, local food and wine and simpler accommodations so you can see it all without busting your Bucket List budget.

sunset over iguassu

Why So Many Cretes?

Because our Isle of Crete Rendezvous has the best experience of local hospitality at a resort that caters only to singles. This means we will send a small group or 2 or 3 and they will have a wonderful singles vacation because the resort only hosts singles! We cannot say it enough. SINGLES. ONLY. RESORT. What could be better than that? Discover the world’s best beaches, take public transportation into town to shop at the market, cooking classes and more. So, go ahead and find a Crete tour that fits YOUR schedule and don’t forget to add a night or two in Athens. If you’re already traveling that far from home, you need to see the ruins, and stroll the markets of ancient Athens. Our hotel is within walking distance to the best attractions.


Same destination a whole new way

When it comes to Ireland, you hear one of two things. “Been there,” or “I want to go there but not on the usual tour.” We had to find another way for you to discover (or rediscover) Ireland. We bet you haven’t seen Northern Ireland. We also are going to guess you haven’t canoed in the beautiful green mountains of Mourne Sweep. Or enjoyed a culinary tasting tour of Dublin. Did you even know Ireland is considered a foodies’ paradise? Our Taste of Northern Ireland and Dublin is more than a taste. It’s a downright dive into the Emerald Isle, including the once forbidden city of Belfast. See Ireland again in a whole new way.

We hope you will take the time to check out all the tour options we have for our singles and add one or two tour destinations to your Bucket List. After all, a single cannot live on cruising alone. The small group experience will enhance your vacation and just may be the relaxing vacation you’ve been looking for. Leave the ball gowns and high heels at home and set out on a local adventure in a faraway place.

Watch for our next blog… Weekend Like You Mean It


Submitted by Robin Zell ~ Director of Marketing for Singles Travel International

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