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April 19, 2018

Kohs and Sticky Rice Everywhere


Islands Islands…Kohs Kohs everywhere on the west coast of Thailand…from solitary rocks to high cliffs with limestone to rock holes to national parks to inhabited, vibrant barrier islands. Bluish green crystal clear water, emerald rock caves, jungle mangroves, white fine sand to coarse coral beaches..small and secluded or stretching on as far as the eye can see, either uninhabited or lined with island bars, minimarts and resorts. One island connected to another by a sand bar at low tide.

Most islands not connected except by ferry or trond long tail boats followed by a tuk tuk, songthow, van, bus or train ride. A bridge…once in a blue moon. The scenery is breathtaking but so are the modes of transportation if you are prone to motion!! Agility and flexibility are a must to climb awkward ladders, straddle railings, hop onto tailgates and use so called toilets while moving…you definitely need to be able to laugh at your contorted body.

koh phi phi island

So many gorgeous Kohs (pronounced gaws)….let Singles Travel International help you decide which ones and arrange all “Koh Hopping” transportation. Just hop on with us and enjoy the ride! On one day out of Koh Ngai, enjoy an included, three island hopping snorkeling and caving adventure to Koh Chuek, Koh Mook/Emerald Cave and Koh Kradan. On two other days, recommended optional excursions will take you to other Kohs. Snorkeling enthusiasts must go to Koh Ha and Koh Rok out of Koh Lanta for snorkeling that rivals the Great Barrier Reef. A five to seven island sunset cruise will show you the pristine beaches and unique shaped Kohs surrounding Ao Nang in Krabi.

How does one maintain their energy level to keep hopping?? Steamed rice, or sticky rice or noodles everywhere for every meal…B,L,D….just add your desired protein and favorite curry sauce! Asian foodies will live for the variety on this trip, especially the street market food. Spicy or spicier…Green, red, yellow, panang or mussaman curry, stir fried, pad thai, pad sew, tom yum or tom kha soup, papaya salad, spring rolls, dry or wet roti, fruits and coconut ice cream galore. Remember to eat with a spoon or chopsticks….eating with a fork means you do not like the food!

thai food

Most locals do not cook…cheaper and easier to buy on the street. Snacks for 55 baht…$2. Lunch and dinner for 200-400 baht…under $10. Local beer 50-100 baht, cocktails/wine 150-350 baht. Breakfast buffets are included but you will get to experiment for lunch and dinner….just trust your local guide to help translate just how hot and spicy you desire! Time to go Koh hopping while eating rice? Join us in Thailand in November 2018.

Contributed by Georgia ~ STI Concierge on location in Thailand

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