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February 22, 2020

Joining the STI Team – over New Year’s Eve!

IMG_8623IMG_8710IMG_8731Nearly 6 weeks home from the STI New Year’s Eve Encore cruise, and it’s taken this long to gather my thoughts and recollections.

New Year’s Eve 2019, with an amazing group of STI members onboard the brand-new Norwegian Encore.  What was there not to love!!!

It was my first STI trip, training with Vicki to join the Concierge team. We had a group of 34 members, with a great mix of seasoned STI travelers as well as brand-new members. I cannot tell you just how lucky I felt: Since so many in our group were well-seasoned “repeat offenders” in traveling with STI, they happily participated in my training by sharing stories of past STI adventures.

There were ridiculous numbers that were thrown around, like 16th trip, 22nd trip with STI. It was humbling.

It being my first STI trip and not really knowing what to expect, all those repeat travelers took it upon themselves to share hysterical and magical moments from their past travels. At times, they had me doubled over with laughter, and they helped me understand the reason why STI is so special.

My trainer, Vicki, who many of you may know, knew at least half of the members traveling with us, and that just added to the wonderful ambiance of friends traveling together, which is exactly what STI promotes and certainly delivers on. Stories of camaraderie among past members, most of whom continue to plan vacations together, as well as new members saying how fun it was to be meeting new friends! This is what I came to learn makes Singles Travel International so unique.

Before we even stepped onto the ship, social hour began, and bonding started in Miami. Many of the members signed up for the pre-trip activities in Miami, which included a tasting tour in Little Havana and then a meet up that evening for a welcome cocktail hour. I highly recommend that new members sign up for the pre-cruise whenever possible. Not only does the fun start early, so does the bonding.

This cruise will always stay dear to my heart, not just because it was my intro to STI, but also because of the members that showed up for this party. To watch old traveling friends reunite and enthusiastically and warmly welcome the new members was heartwarming. It was also incredible to watch new and lasting friendships form right before my eyes.

I am thrilled to be part of the STI Team and look forward to reuniting with all the diehard repeat members and new members alike in the future!

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