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February 6, 2017

Five Reasons to Book Your Vacation in February


February can be cold. February can be brutal if you hate Valentine’s Day. Don’t be a hater. Don’t let February end with an empty box of chocolates and nothing to look forward to. Plan your vacation. Now is the time to ride Wave Season and book a cruise or cross an adventure off your Bucket List. Galapagos? Antarctica? Costa Rica? Cuba? Here are five great reasons to book your vacation in February.

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  1. More Availability. Grab the best cabin location choices for cruises. No one really can say for sure if it is best to book early or late when it comes to cruising. In our experience, our pre-negotiated group rates can’t be beat, so booking when a cruise is first announced is always a great way to save. If you try and find a last minute cruise, cabin choice will be slim to none and remember, beware of booking late when you have to fly to reach your home port. The last minute airfare could eat up any perceived cruise savings. For tours space is always very limited. We never take more than 30 on any tour and usually we only have space for 20 or less. Depositing your tour early means no regrets when you can’t find a space open on a small tour. Flight availability deserves another mention better here a well. Lessen your chance of having to grab a middle seat by getting your flight booked early.
  2. Find the Best deals! Travel sales can be slow in February, so great deals abound. Why not take advantage? During the month of February, you can pay only $50 to reserve your space on any of our tours, adventures or weekend trips and $50 holds your cabin on any Norwegian Cruise Line departure. Cruise lines have really begun to compete with the all-inclusive concept. Free drinks are included in all cabins. Book ocean view or higher to get three specialty dining experiences included in your package as well. (*These offers end February 28, 2017) dane cook laundry day
  3. Because you can! Love yourself first and celebrate your Single Independence by planning your vacation. There are many advantages to being single. Traveling where you want to go, when you want to go, with no one else’s schedule to hold you back is definitely one of them.’s article  “Nine Surprising Benefits to being Single” rates “Travel on a Whim” as their number one advantage to being single. READ the entire article for more reasons to celebrate your Single Independence in February.Be the envy of all your single friends. When they see you living life to the fullest and creating your own life experiences, you might inspire other singles who choose to simply wait around for that special someone to get out there and see the world. Maybe you can even coax a single friend into joining you. Singles Travel International offers a $25 referral credit for anyone who refers a single who books a trip.
  4. Less Risk. When the deposit is small ($50!) booking is easy.  But just in case, give yourself the gift of time to cancel if something comes up. Most final payments are due 90-120 days before departure. If you book inside that window, you lose the majority of your money if you decide you can’t make the trip. Booking early lets you be in control of your calendar, but if something unexpected comes your way, you have plenty of time to cancel with a minimum cancellation fee. Each STI trip has its own unique cancellation policy, depending on the vendor offering the trip. You can always find the cancellation policy under the FAQ for each trip departure details.
  5. We will match you with a roommate for BIG savings. Share and Save is a great way to meet a new single travel companion and save big on your trip. We only guarantee a match if you book before final payment is due. When you book early you have more time to choose your roommate by chatting and getting to know others looking to share on on our Member Chat. (Chats for trips are exclusively for those who have booked the trip.) Our singles community is free to join. Join today and find single friends near you or half way around the world.

February can be fun if you think TRAVEL. Take it one step further and think Singles Travel International and you have a great opportunity to love yourself first by planning your next vacation with the expert assistance of a company dedicated to creating life-changing experiences for singles to meet the world together. We can’t wait to meet you.


-Contributed by Robin Zell, CTA ~ Director of Marketing for Singles Travel International

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