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Live Virtual Tour: Easter Island, Chile

September 25 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

About the Event:

Welcome to Easter Island. On our tour, we will see the enormous Moai statues on Easter Island (Chile) and meet the Rapanui people, one of the most isolated communities on the Planet.

✨ We’ll start our trip at “Iglesia de Santa Cruz”, the main catholic church located in the town’s center. You’ll learn its structure and why its history is so vital for the local people, even those who are not religious at all.

✨ We will walk down Te Pito o te Henua Street and see the local stores, what they sell, what they do, and maybe meet interesting people down the road! You’ll learn about the primary industries on our beloved Island.

✨ I’ll show the school where all the people of my generation and I went as kids. You’ll learn its inspiring history and the plans on education for the new generations to come.

✨ I’ll take you to “Centro del Lector Katipare”, the town’s main library. You’ll learn about its modern architecture and the reason why it was named after my great-grandfather, Santiago Katipare Pakarati Rangitaki.

✨ We’ll get to “Atamu Tekena” main street and learn about its name, about the handicraft market and artisans, the government buildings, and what local people do in their everyday life.

✨ We’ll head down to the coast and visit the natural pools of “Pea” and “Hanga Roa Otai”, where locals spend the afternoon swimming and surfing.

✨ We’ll end the trip meeting the famous Moai statues, the representation of our ancestors, standing still on their “ahu” platforms. You’ll learn their history, importance, symbolism, and their legacy. And, If we’re lucky enough, we can get to see some local turtles in the bay or even watch a beautiful sunset!

About the Host

Hi, my name is Katipare. I’m a well-known musician, professional audiovisual producer, and a descendant of the Great King Hotu Matu’a in the 34th generation. My great-grandparents are often cited in history books of Easter Island because of their knowledge about our ancestral culture. I love playing traditional Rapanui music created by my family and friends to showcase the artistical heritage of our ancestors.

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September 25
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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