March 4, 2011

Embrace Your Undercover Angels


There are times when we work to improve and grow various aspects of our lives: health, wealth, social, spiritual, career, etc. This may come in the form of a New Year’s Eve resolution, a formal training class or just raised consciousness about the issue.

For the past six months I have been focused on changing and growing my spirituality. Through my studies I have come to accept a few things that require a leap of faith in the beginning as they are a bit abstract, but very powerful.

Can you consider the concept that we enter this world with our own baggage, our own garbage, that we need to spend this lifetime fixing? It can be an addiction to alcohol or chocolate, anger, jealousy, doubt, fear, prejudice, anything that keeps us from being happy and healthy.

Usually we don’t like to take responsibility for this and tend to blame it on other people that evoke these feelings. Well lucky for us, those people are put on earth to “help” us throw away our garbage. They don’t come in the shape of an angel, they are usually those people who cause our blood pressure to raise and make us react in an unpleasant way.

You know who they are:

  • The co-worker that disagrees with every idea you suggest
  • The sibling that keeps their love and approval just out of reach
  • The parent that minimizes your success but never forgets your flaws
  • The neighbor that doesn’t pick up the “gift” his dog left in your front yard
  • The driver that cuts you off in traffic

We all have them and through them we will become better people. These people are not the enemies in our lives. They are here to push our buttons so that we can change how we react to them. It is how we decide to react that is the real enemy that we should be fighting.

The next time you are in a situation where you want to yell, scream, fight or hurt someone, try this………. DON’T DO ANYTHING!

Acknowledge that you are in one of those situations and that it is your reaction to it that is against you, not the dude that is being rude!

Take a breath and say a silent blessing that this person has come to you and given your soul and spirit the opportunity to grow. Use your free will to make a choice to react in a different way, one that comes from kindness and a desire to achieve a positive outcome.

Now act on this new reaction, don’t just sit on it and do nothing. It takes a conscious effort and a shift in your brain and your heart to have this type of control and to make a decision to be different.

It may feel like you are swallowing your pride and giving into something undesirable when you are actually being strong and fighting your own ego.

One of my pieces of garbage is I don’t want to be told I can’t do something, for no good reason and one of my undercover angels is my co-worker. Although she doesn’t have authority over me, she somehow seems to be able to act like a big STOP SIGN for new and different ideas.

Recently I had this experience and instead of reacting the way I really wanted to react, to let her know that she was an obstacle and a pain in my back side, I did nothing for about 4 days. Then I scheduled a meeting with her and her boss to discuss my other options to achieve my ultimate objective, instead of discussing how frustrated I was. Remember, she has her own garbage!

The day before the meeting, her boss called to let me know that what I wanted to do was fine and to move forward with the idea.

  • Waste of time……..
  • Results achieved……..
  • Relationships saved………
  • My spirit growing……….

Heck Yes!!!!

I am still just an infant in this process of learning and understanding what I need to do to fulfill my purpose and to live a fulfilling live; however, I have a huge desire to continue and to embrace the pain that might come with it. I encourage you to do the same.

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