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What can I say, I LOVE to travel! It is my personal goal to see the Seven Wonders of the World. I’m half way there already visiting Stonehenge, the Colosseum, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Pyramids of Giza. Now I just have the Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer and the Great Wall of China left. Care to join me on my quest?

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Operations Coordinator

Favorite Vacation Styles

Adventure, Events or Themes (Jazz, Dance, Volunteer, Festival), Resort Stay, Weekend Getaway or City Stay, Cruise, River Cruise

Next Destinations

Transatlantic, Norwegian Fjords, Orient/China, Panama Canal, Adriatic Sea

  • CARD-SERBIA-BELGRADE-shutterstock_326673116 (1)

    Hotspots of Eastern Europe on the Danube

    Ease on down the river aboard our all-inclusive journey, stopping along the way, visiting HOTSPOTS of five Eastern European countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia & Hungary!  Join us for our Monster's Ball to celebrate Halloween and add our pre-cruise package including Dracula's Castle in Transylvania!

  • Scandinavia & Russia Summer Cruise

    Scandinavia & Russia Summer Cruise

    Extended! OPEN BAR and Specialty Dining included. Book Oceanview or higher! Sail from Copenhagen, Denmark to …Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, & Sweden!

    See photos from our last cruise: http://tinyurl.com/Scan-Russia

  • Starring Panama Canal - 2019

    Join STI on an unforgettable Journey along the Panama Canal! With stops at ports in Mexico, South America and Central America; you can be sure to find your slice of Paradise while cruising through one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

  • Western Caribbean Cruise - 2009

    Fun - Sun - Singles! Does it get any better than that? Join stil and visit the sunny beaches and coral filled waters of the Western Caribbean.

  • Cherished Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard - 2009

    Do you want to reclaim childhood memories of seashells, sandcastles and salt water taffy? We’ll walk the pristine beaches, revel in the arts and culture, indulge in the freshest lobster, live the privileged life of the Kennedy clan and savor the breathtaking, scenic beauty. Join STI in Cape Cod and feel inspired!

  • Tax Re-FUN-d Caribbean Cruise - 2010

    Attention accountants and everyone that always told us they couldn't have FUN until after April 15! Now, with great rates, coconut palms, sandy beaches, vibrant cities and tranquil coves, the Caribbean Islands offer endless possibilities. Consider it your vacation investment. Friendly smiles, relaxation and happiness are only a couple clicks away.

  • GF Spa Week in Mexico - 2011

    All Inclusive, Girlfriend Spa Week!

    That's right, every so often we gals need to break away from it all to relax. So, call your best friend, sister, cousins, neighbors, mothers, aunts, daughters, yes, even grandmas. We happen to know some cool ones.

  • Hawaii Five-0 Birthday Bash - 2012


    Aloha! I can't think of a better way to celebrate my 50th birthday than with my STI friends that always wanted to experience the paradise that we call Hawaii!

  • Antarctic Blast for Singles - 2013

    Antarctica is a land of truly awesome grandeur. It is the highest, driest, coldest and cleanest continent on Earth. It's surrounding oceans are unimaginably rich in bird and marine life and STI's expedition cruise brings us up close and personal with the locals.

  • Norwegian Fjord & Iceland Summer Cruise - 2015

    Sail from England to Bergen, Alesund & Geiranger Fjord, Norway, the Faroe Islands and then 2 days in Reykjavik, Iceland!

  • Autumn Splendors Cruise - 2016

    Sail from Boston on our singles cruise and experience multi-colored backdrops of red-orange maples and glorious golden oaks. Take a breath of crisp autumn air and relax. You're on vacation!


  • Cheers to Boston Weekend - 2016

    Whether you’re in town for a cold one at Cheers, shopping Newberry Street or reliving history on the Freedom Trail, the fun and interest never end in Boston, home of the Red Sox and Celtics. One if by land, two if by sea, if you are single, it’s where you want to be!

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