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November 28, 2017

THE BIG FIVE…..Safari numbers Five Ways

The Big Five??? Life changing high fives…Five am wake up calls…Five p.m. Sundowner cocktails…Five star lodging and meals….Five new singles travel friends…five thousand pics of the Big Five to edit.  Will you spend the time to find and photo shop your five best pics of each of the Big Five??…Heck yeah!!!  You will be saying Ngiyabonga or Dankie (Thank You) a million times.

Leopards, elephants, lions, buffaloes and rhinos (black and white)…the South African Big Five….all live in the wild, up close and personal. Mind boggling close and majestic…staring at you next to your jeep or from your lodge balcony or running around you while enjoying an Amarula or hiking in the bush. Exhilarating…the most Must Do bucket list adventure!

After getting dusty in an open-air jeep, a warm face cloth welcomes you back to pure luxury and privacy surrounding you in your own lodge. I took the necessary precautions but my worries about malaria, mosquitoes and the water quickly evaporated. I lounged “buck” naked in my private pool staring at a hammerkop nest, bathed in my outdoor shower and shared my outdoor lounge bed with vervet monkeys….all while watching an elephant play from my balcony! Sumptuous meals…breakfast, lunch or dinner…are served in this same open air, wild animal arena.  Lions, tigers and bears….oh my……but no need to worry like in the Wizard of Oz.

From Simba (lions and their cubs) to Zazu (south yellow hornbill) to Timon (mongoose) to Pumbaa (warthog) to Rafiki (baboon) to wildebeests, the diversity in Kruger National Park rivals Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Lion King movie.  Add in zebras, giraffes, impalas, elund/kudu/water back antelopes, mamba snakes, marshall eagles, ground hornbills, red billed buffalo weavers, stean bok and hyenas plus the Big Five and you already have an out-of- this-world awesome adventure.  And there is still more to come!  After a morning safari drive, we fly to the Cape Wine Country and Cape Town to experience more of South Africa.


Submitted by Georgia ~ Singles Travel International Concierge

holding up the rock mama lions sti room

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