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December 12, 2017

4 Tips for Leveraging Your Holiday Networking

It’s that FESTIVE time of year again. Everyone is out mingling and meeting new people. It’s the perfect time to make new friends and share the idea of singles travel. Why not make a little money on the Season?

REFER FIVE FRIENDS WHO BOOK BY 12.31.17 and we will give you $500 off your 2018 vacation!

Do some quick math… that is $100 for each Single who books! But you have to get FIVE. If you get four, we will give you $25 for each. This deal is only good if you bring in FIVE new singles who book with STI. It’s good to have Holiday goals so think Holiday Hookup every time to go to a Holiday party, work or family gathering or Meetup event. 

Our exclusive referral program makes it so easy to refer a friend. Everyone knows someone who is single and needs to get out there and see the world. All they have to do is add your name to the How did you find STI?: field in our booking system when they book their first trip. YES, it’s that EASY. AND they will receive $50 off their first trip. WIN WIN for everyone. (WEEKEND GETAWAYS DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE REWARD.)

Here are 4 Great Tips to Leverage Your Holiday Networking:

1. TALK BUCKET LIST: Vacations and Travel are at the top of almost all conversation starter lists out there. Ask people you meet, “Do you like to travel?’ Start talking about your last vacation or where you’d like to travel in the future. You may find people who love to travel but hate to go alone. BOOM. Now you’ve got them!

2. ROCK IT: Wear something fun you purchased on your last vacation. Maybe a t-shirt, a unique piece of jewelry or a fun hat. It’s the perfect segue into chatting about travel. CHA-CHING! You’re on your way!

3. SOCIAL STATUS: Change your social media profile photo to a travel pic and say “Ask me about my Singles Travel International Vacation!” If you’ve never traveled with us before, post a pic from a favorite destination that is on our calendar in 2018.

4. SHARE A LINK to one of our trips you’ve been wanderlusting after and ask if anyone would like to go with you. You’ll be $500 closer before you know it!

We are so excited to meet your single friends on any of our 2018 vacations. Good Luck and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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The Crew at Singles Travel International

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